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  Managing ed 18:17 13 Jun 2007

As part of PCAdvisor.co.uk's continuing efforts to be the UK's biggest and best IT-centred multimedia behemoth (insert your own tawdry marketing speak here), we've spent the past few weeks working on a New products blog. It's now live:

click here

The idea is that as soon as we come across products good, bad or indifferent (or just plain weird), we give them a quick write up and get hold of an image, so that you know about them as soon as we do.

We'll then give a full review to those products that deserve it, and post it to the Reviews section as normal (click here).

I'd be interested to hear what forum members thought of this idea, and any initial feedback on our execution of it. Also, if you do come across any interesting new products, please do feel free to drop me an email (or email [email protected]). The forums are our eyes and ears, after all.

I seem to have gone on longer than I intended, must be the end of the day or something...


Matt Egan
Managing editor
PC Advisor

  €dstowe 18:57 13 Jun 2007

Interesting idea but, I don't think I'm alone in being a person that doesn't look at other people's blogs (having seen such screeds of utter garbage in the past, I have better things to do with my time).

So, as far as I'm concerned, if it stays as a blog, it will stay unseen.

Why not give it its own header?

  TopCat® 19:16 13 Jun 2007

Just had a dekko at the live blog and I'm afraid I'm had difficulty reading it. Wording much too dark for me, I'm afraid. TC.

  TopCat® 19:23 13 Jun 2007

Must have been a temporary glitch as the link is okay now! TC.

  anskyber 19:46 13 Jun 2007

Not sure really. A good idea to have like a "breaking news" section but it does not seem to sit well as a blog. It should appear more dynamic,like a rolling banner or something like it.

I tend not to read blogs and I recall that some time ago there was even a PCA poll which revealed a relatively small number of us here who do. So for me at least it's not an attractive addition.

  rezeeg 20:06 13 Jun 2007

- ditto - (anskyber)

  WhiteTruckMan 20:56 13 Jun 2007

sums it up very nicely for me too.


  powerless 21:05 13 Jun 2007

Reminds me of Engadget?

  Managing ed 07:47 14 Jun 2007

€dstowe, anskyber, TalYasis - we did think long and hard before putting New Products into the Blogs section, and it's a decision we may well revisit. I suppose our thinking was the New Products is merely a way of passing on information in a lively manner, and isn't subject to the journalistic scrutiny to which are our news gathering and Test Centre reviews. But, as I say, we may look again at the position in Blogs - I do realise that the term is perjorative in some ways.

Powerless - as they say where I come from: 'You'll do for me our kid'. Endgadget is one of my favourite sites!

Anyway, thanks for all your comments, and keep 'em coming.


  madgamer234 16:50 14 Jun 2007

i would love it if it covers any news regarding either games related hardware or programs.i know gaming is not to everyones taste but it could work here.

  Totally-braindead 16:51 14 Jun 2007

I'll have a look just now but I don't read BLOGS either.

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