PC advisor's free offers.

  Baslla321 15:53 23 Dec 2004

I noticed that all offers of free gifts, prizes or competitions by PCA and other firms are always restricted to participants in the UK. This is not fair for those who reside elsewhere and buy the PCA mag regularly and are members of PCA forum

  Dorsai 16:15 23 Dec 2004

Perhaps the various laws governing such 'prize draws' vary from country to country, so a prize draw that is legal in the UK, would break some form of gambling law in, say, France. Hence, the draw is not available in France.

Or perhaps the cost of shipping the price to New Zealand, together with whatever import taxes apply, makes it too expensive.

  Sapins 17:09 23 Dec 2004

click here

I could do this before:-(

As It's Speakers corner I'll keep on speaking!

Well, this definitely will be the last attempt, I promise.

  iambeavis 17:10 23 Dec 2004

All three links work for me.

  Sapins 17:17 23 Dec 2004

You have restored my sanity, when I click on the links I get to the Registered Users page which gives my e-mail and login option with my password remembered.

I had visions of having to re-register with a new e-mail address!

I've calmed down now so it's time for a glass of the life extending Red fluid:-)

  iambeavis 17:23 23 Dec 2004


  Dan the Confused 20:13 23 Dec 2004

You a vampire?

  Buchan 35 23:48 23 Dec 2004

Cheers Sapins, enjoy the red, I`ve a bottle plus a glass of it here and I`m about to start enjoying. Happy Days

  Baslla321 07:32 24 Dec 2004

Merry Xmas to u all !

  Sapins 10:02 24 Dec 2004

To you as well.

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