PC Advisor on TV

  simonjary 13:51 10 Mar 2010

Anyone catch PC Advisor Editor Matt Egan on BBC2's Working lunch today?

click here

click here

  rdave13 18:07 10 Mar 2010

Just watched it on BBCi; click here

  Forum Editor 18:23 10 Mar 2010

at the end there, Matt - well done.

  MAJ 19:14 10 Mar 2010

What age is he.......12 ?

  MAJ 19:22 10 Mar 2010

He did very well, answered everything straight away and to the point, any chance of getting him a username so he can take a stint on the forum, lol.

  Forum Editor 19:38 10 Mar 2010


Matt is our Editor, and he regularly posts in the forum.

  MAJ 20:20 10 Mar 2010

I know he's the editor, FE, I don't remember seeing him post, although take in to account that my memory is shot.

  Forum Editor 22:07 10 Mar 2010

Check out this thread

click here

  MAJ 22:43 10 Mar 2010

Ah there he is, FE, and would you believe I did read that thread, I told you my memory was shot. I really need to do some brain training.

  De Marcus™ 22:57 10 Mar 2010

How's about a DS for crimbo 2012?

  Matt Egan 10:15 11 Mar 2010

I am, it has to be said, not the most prolific poster. I believe the term is 'lurker'. As for my age, I am 32. Thanks for the flattery, MAJ - my wife is afraid it will go to my (perfectly spherical) head!

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