PC Advisor top 10 charts!

  Flak999 17:06 23 Oct 2006

Is it only me, or am I missing something here? In the latest edition of the magazine the top ten charts have changed! They are still called the top ten charts, but they only show the top five placed products from each category!

Is this some editorial oversite, or are they about to be renamed the top five charts? Why are we being given only five products in each review?

I am a bit puzzled.

  sean-278262 17:31 23 Oct 2006

I am just reading my magazine also. Something is amiss. They say top 10 but I cant find any section with 10 in them.

Where is the professional digital cameras section gone? I like the new style but the quality of the magazine seems to be suffering.

Our library managed to spell on their brochure the word library wrong last year. I hope PCA isnt going the same way.

  anskyber 17:32 23 Oct 2006

Well spotted, no doubt all will be revealed. But then do people buy the tenth on a list?

  sean-278262 17:45 23 Oct 2006

Anskyber - yea I have in the past. Would you pay for the pc in number 3 of the 1001+ chart on page 202 £1900 or rather have the quite a lot cheaper alternative below. It is a matter of what you feel it is worth to you. Does it have a feature you cant live without. Even with the cameras I use SD cards so why would I buy an XD camera over a camera that uses SD even though the XD came first in a chart. It is a matter really of taste I guess.

I certainly would like to know where the rest of my magazine is! ;)

Also is it me or do there seem to be a lot more adverts this month than normal?

  anskyber 17:59 23 Oct 2006

Fair point.

  Flak999 19:02 24 Oct 2006

Perhaps someone from the magazines editorial staff would care to comment on this one? I am intrigued as to what the answer will be.

  sean-278262 21:23 24 Oct 2006

Dont we all. Just found the 20 pages worth of adverts starting at P100! Sorry but I know the mag is paid for by advertising but that is intrusive to it in my opinion.

I count 73 pages of adverts this month. That doesnt include pages with 1/2 or 1/4 ads. Now the magazine is 207 pages in length. Thats a total of 134 actual pages of articles. Over 1/3 of this months issue is adverts!

Compared to may that is 222 pages long and has a total of 60. Thats 5% less ads and thats over a slightly longer issue of PCA.

Am I missing something here?

  G0lfer 21:42 24 Oct 2006

as to how many minutes elape before the above reply disappears ?

  sean-278262 21:53 24 Oct 2006

15minutes I hope. Annoyingly this spammer cant be spammed back as the email for his paypal is no longer active. Shame really. However I know where you live nick! HAHAHAHA. Nothing hides from me on the internet. Also for those reading the thread after this the reply we refer to was not mine but the spam that came after it.

  Kate A 09:44 25 Oct 2006

CotN - My copy of the December issue has 214 pages, not 207. I'm not going to count the adverts as I have better things to do, but perhaps we should just remember that as long as advertisers are covering the cost of producing the magazine, we might not have to pay more to buy it!

I'm sure the percentage of adverts to editorial in PC Advisor is much better (i.e. fewer adverts) than in many other magazines. I've never found any advert to be intrusive, and I can quite happily skip past the 19 (not 20!) pages of adverts beginning at p101.

  Production ed 11:11 25 Oct 2006

Hi all, and thanks for your feedback.

There's a lot to deal with here, but I'll do my best!

Let's take the charts first. We took a decision that, in order to hit more, and more realistic, price points - and therefore serve better a greater number of readers - we now publish smaller PC charts. In this way we can have Best Buy products that range in price from bargain-basement to money-is-no-object. This was in response to reader feedback and actually means we now test more, rather than fewer systems.

We still have the results for products six to 10 (and way beyond) and if we had an infinite number of pages we'd print them. In the future we intend to publish all our review info on PCAdvisor.co.uk.

I agree it looks strange to call them Top 10 Charts and this may be something we look to change. The chart lineup changes from time to time for reasons of space - we try to 'rest' the chart that has the fewest changes. Professional digital cameras will be back when we have space, but I can assure you that we've seen nothing that replaces any of the top five.

Which brings me on to pagination of the magazine. There is no hard and fast rule as to the balance of adverts and editorial and it oscillates from month to month. Rest assured that our edit-to-advert ratio is much better than all of our rivals (check and you'll see I'm right) and, if we reached a point where we felt that the editorial was suffering, we'd increase the pagination.

Finally, I sincerely hope we wouldn't ever pull a posting simply because it was critical.


Matt Egan
Production Editor

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