PC Advisor promoting free movies, i

  daz60 14:56 29 May 2016

pirate bay this came up on the ads section,i had thought the bay was illegal,am i wrong.

  lotvic 15:29 29 May 2016

I found another Article, so would think the above to be read in conjuction with click here

"Disclaimer: We’re not legal experts, and we’re only reporting what the Court of Justice of the European Union has said. The current situation appears to be that you are not breaking any EU law by using a website or software to watch copyrighted content that has been made available by someone else. Morally, of course, it’s a completely different matter. But we’re not going to debate the morality here: we’re concerned only with legality."

  daz60 17:36 29 May 2016

Interesting piece , this comment bears scrutiny,"temporary copies are exempt from copyright laws",which implies you can download watch and remove.I know there are movies on YouTube which are not copywrighted,in the public domain as they say,so i imagine then that these would be safe to download.

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