PC Advisor print edition closing down

  alanrwood 19:09 05 May 2017

Just received my subscription copy of PC Advisor and very sad to say that according to the letter inserted PC Advisor will cease publication from Issue 264 in July. Existing outstanding subs will be transferred to PCPro. I guess that this will also mean the end of this excellent forum so very upset.

Also very sorry about the staff who will be out of a job.

  Tiler3 10:27 07 May 2017

“The webuser forum is alive and well!”

The Webuser forums have been in decline for some time. It started around the time the administration/mods allowed that meddlesome Madeline woman to dominate the forums with drivel that has been copied from other web pages. Members replying to posts in the forums have to walk on eggshells hoping not to upset her. Many just don’t bother because of her.

  alanrwood 10:59 07 May 2017

Tiler3. I think that you are out of order with your post. Madeline has always in my experience been helpful and polite. I may not always agree with her (as also with others) but I have never felt I need to walk on eggshells.

  Forum Editor 12:02 07 May 2017

Let's not get into arguments about other forums, please, and especially not into critiques about individuals who use them.

  Forum Editor 12:03 07 May 2017


Well. One would say that.

I say it because I believe it to be true.

  Menzie 13:54 07 May 2017

Unfortunately with the nature of technology the printed magazines have been dwindling for a while.

I'm a gamer and have seen many magazines shuttered. Either because the format they covered is no longer around (i.e. Amstrad Action, CU Amiga Magazine, etc.) or the market has changed.

The internet provides immediate reviews and on demand news, plus videos seem to be the most popular method of content consumption now.

Last time I took a flight I decided to treat myself to a technology magazine. However all I found were celebrity gossip and fitness publications.

  john bunyan 18:33 07 May 2017

I fondly remember "Do it Yourself" in the '60's. That, and "Motot Sport" were regular reads. Many young folk have no clue on DIY, in spite of online information. "Trade" magazines have always only been viable through advertising revenue, so they are a declining market, unfortunately. I wish any PCA editorial staff well, and am grateful if this forum continues.

  martd7 19:04 07 May 2017


A noteable pc mag that disappeared off the shelves a year ago was PC format,was my regular magazine for many years my subscription was passed to PC gamer,not as good as pcf,previous to that id had Sinclair format,Atari format and Amiga format,I buy PC advisor now and again and like others im sorry to see it go but at least the forum and its fabulous contributors are still here

  HondaMan 09:59 09 May 2017

Wee Eddie You could approach your bank using the Direct Debit Guarantee procedure saying that you did not and would not have agreed to this had you been advised in advance and that therefore the money was taken erroneously or in error.

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