PC Advisor print edition closing down

  alanrwood 19:09 05 May 2017

Just received my subscription copy of PC Advisor and very sad to say that according to the letter inserted PC Advisor will cease publication from Issue 264 in July. Existing outstanding subs will be transferred to PCPro. I guess that this will also mean the end of this excellent forum so very upset.

Also very sorry about the staff who will be out of a job.

  Pablo de Catio 16:05 06 May 2017

Well that is a bit of mixed news. Great that site is still going and a digital version of the magazine.

As a infrequent reader of the magazine, I would pick one up every couple of months from the supermarket. I might try PC Pro as I did read it many years ago but will miss the feel of the magazine in your hand. Plus like wee eddie, it was always welcome in the smallest room. ;-)

  wee eddie 16:20 06 May 2017

SJ, Thanks, I will probably go with PCP

  daz60 18:00 06 May 2017

Pretty much all magazines/papers will be digital in the future,i visit the big project for my daily news and while some sites are behind paywalls that is fine you just have to subscribe to view,will this be behind a paywall i wonder.

  Flak999 18:24 06 May 2017

Good to know that the forum will remain! What would we all do without it?

  bumpkin 22:38 06 May 2017

Borrow one is probably the best idea.

  Aitchbee 22:58 06 May 2017

Back to the main subject, all this talk of the demise of the print edition has convinced me to go out and buy the last edition and get it framed ... for-old-times-sake ;o]

  Forum Editor 23:04 06 May 2017

I hope you'll all give PC Pro a chance - it's a worthy substitute, in my opinion.

  daz60 01:53 07 May 2017

Iteresting that Dennis took over Webuser and ComputerActive,what happened to their forums.

  simonjary 07:48 07 May 2017

Daz60, Dennis is taking over the print subscriptions, not the website – so this Forum is perfectly safe.

  Badger Man 09:59 07 May 2017

The webuser forum is alive and well!

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