PC Advisor print edition closing down

  alanrwood 19:09 05 May 2017

Just received my subscription copy of PC Advisor and very sad to say that according to the letter inserted PC Advisor will cease publication from Issue 264 in July. Existing outstanding subs will be transferred to PCPro. I guess that this will also mean the end of this excellent forum so very upset.

Also very sorry about the staff who will be out of a job.

  Pablo de Catio 07:30 06 May 2017

You have to admit that he has been rather short with quite a few forum members lately.

Will I be picking up my P45?

  geoff96 08:07 06 May 2017

Has the Forum Editor say he is away?

I can see no posting since the 1st of May. Even a reported spam posting is still on the forums.

  morddwyd 09:06 06 May 2017

"I assume that FE is sworn to silence."

Better to assume he's under contract ti IDG (he's a freelance) and has some negotiating to do.

  Pablo de Catio 09:09 06 May 2017

Have just checked the IDG web site and no way to subscribe to either paper or digital editions.


  simonjary 09:15 06 May 2017

Hi, everyone.

Only the print edition of PC Advisor is closing. The website remains the UK's #1 online brand for all things tech. And of course that includes this great Forum!

Thank you for the concerns but PC Advisor online keeps growing and we have even bigger plans for expansion in the near future.

Simon Jary

Publisher, PC Advisor, IDG

  Forum Editor 09:22 06 May 2017

I'm still here. I haven't any plans to go anywhere else - why would I? This is the best Tech website around by a very long chalk.

  BT 09:24 06 May 2017

Seems to be the way its going these days. I was recently advised that Digital Photo magazine to which I have been subscribing for many years was closing and subscriptions transferred to Practical Photography. I declined and had a refund. It seems their Digital edition will continue. As I subscribe to Readly I have access to a vast online magazine library so I have ditched all but my sub to Windows magazine.

  simonjary 09:39 06 May 2017

Quick explanation on why the print edition is closing.

Magazine publishing is very difficult these days unless you can have pages of high-value advertising from perfume brands or luxury cars and watches stuffed at the front of the magazine. Tech advertising has pretty much gone online - hence the continued strength of this website.

The real problem, however, is retail. WH Smith charges us more money to stock the magazine than we make from newsstand sales in its stores, and the supermarkets (where most magazines are sold) marginalise technology magazines in favour of their own food mags plus the legion of gossip titles.

We'd have loved to continue PC Advisor in print for our subscribers but this became economically unviable. PC Pro is a fine print magazine and we think subscribers should give it a chance to impress them.

  carver 10:07 06 May 2017

Hi everybody, haven't been on here for ages and the first thing I see are comments about it closing. Glad to see it's not, far too many good people on here for it to close.

  wee eddie 11:58 06 May 2017

Now I'm going to have to find something else to read while I'm on the !

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