PC Advisor print edition closing down

  alanrwood 19:09 05 May 2017

Just received my subscription copy of PC Advisor and very sad to say that according to the letter inserted PC Advisor will cease publication from Issue 264 in July. Existing outstanding subs will be transferred to PCPro. I guess that this will also mean the end of this excellent forum so very upset.

Also very sorry about the staff who will be out of a job.

  wee eddie 21:17 05 May 2017

I assume that FE is sworn to silence.

  rickf 21:19 05 May 2017

I should imagine this digital version will continue. Just look at the numerous adverts here. Must be a profit making section of the magazine.

  Brumas 21:23 05 May 2017

Old Deuteronomy, as has been said in the past, the forum is like a comfy pair of slippers which fit all sizes ;o}

It is child friendly, tolerant - well it is to me! and a bit like the old Reader's Digest, you never know what you'll find on any given night but it will be interesting and one always seems to learn something, useful or otherwise and, as for the FE.......... ;o}

  Old Deuteronomy 21:31 05 May 2017

I assume that FE is sworn to silence.

Perhaps he has already escaped...

  Belatucadrus 21:59 05 May 2017

Or as it#s Friday decided to drown his sorrows with a jeroboam of Dom Perignon.

  Old Deuteronomy 23:05 05 May 2017


Who is the official you keep waiting for?

  lotvic 23:37 05 May 2017

Mr OLED, you wait for the official if you want, some are enjoying speculating.

My view is the Forum won't be closing.... we are too big and popular :D I haven't seen/read the letter inserted but I'll bet it's just the printed version that will cease and the mag will become entirely Digital.

  QuizMan 07:24 06 May 2017

Perhaps Mr OLED is an alias of FE. After all, OLED is an anagram of DOLE.

  Pablo de Catio 07:26 06 May 2017

Existing outstanding subs will be transferred to PCPro.

If the digital edition were still to be produced, why not give the option to have either digital or paper PC pro?

  Pablo de Catio 07:28 06 May 2017

That came out wrong.

Either digital PC Advisor or paper PC pro.

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