PC Advisor print edition closing down

  alanrwood 19:09 05 May 2017

Just received my subscription copy of PC Advisor and very sad to say that according to the letter inserted PC Advisor will cease publication from Issue 264 in July. Existing outstanding subs will be transferred to PCPro. I guess that this will also mean the end of this excellent forum so very upset.

Also very sorry about the staff who will be out of a job.

  Belatucadrus 19:15 05 May 2017

Sad news, I rather hope the PCA forum survives as the PCPro one has been complete pants since it re-branded as Alphr.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:19 05 May 2017

Yes hope the site continues, don't really want to swap to PC pro though.

  john bunyan 19:24 05 May 2017

Very sad news; hope it is not true, but if so hope the forum, its staff and all of us will be found a slot like we have here; very few problems and much help and enjoyment.

  lotvic 19:51 05 May 2017

Does it just mean the paper hard copy of PCAdvisor magazine is stopping? I seem to remember this was on the cards when the DVDs and CDs stopped and became 'downloads' instead, and the mag would eventually only be digital.

  morddwyd 20:17 05 May 2017

I'm not too surprised, I think they lost sight of their core market, PCs.

That's why I cancelled my subscription a couple of months ago.

While you might stretch a point for smartphones, there is no way an activity tracker can be regarded as a PC and in such areas they are trying to compete with specialist mags.

  bumpkin 20:52 05 May 2017

It refers to the publication of the printed version.

  Brumas 20:58 05 May 2017

john bunyan, echo that!

  wee eddie 21:02 05 May 2017

I assume that FE is sworn to silence.

  Aitchbee 21:06 05 May 2017

If there's a closing down sale I wouldn't mind the FE's silver mouse ;o]

  Old Deuteronomy 21:10 05 May 2017

I will be saddened if the website does follow suit at some time in the future. This is the friendliest forum of which I am a member. Even though, due to my mental health problems, I sometimes post things that I really shouldn't and later come to regret it is never a problem and even when political threads get a bit heated, it stays in the thread and friendliness prevails elsewhere in the forum.

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