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  ArrGee 21:57 24 Jun 2007

Why is it that the home page of PC Advisor (i.e; News) provides us with grand editorial features on new products/events/blurb, but fails to provide any decent links?

As an example, today's feature on the Sony Vaio RM1N bangs on about how it's clad in black and other lah-de-dah aspects, but I have to resort to Google to find any further info.

If it's an advertising issue, perhaps the ad director (at PC Advisor) can allow for a pic of any product with a payed click-through for revenue...? I'm sure that would enhance the user experience for the site as well as providing an added income stream.

  anskyber 22:23 24 Jun 2007

Yes, I looked for the link and I could not find it.

To be fair PCA usually link through, it's an example of the exception proving the rule.

  ArrGee 22:34 24 Jun 2007

I have to disagree with you on that (sorry). Having been here for over a year, there have been very few occasions where a link has been provided.

Given that the home page is updated around 4 times a week, I have only come across half-a-dozen occasions where there is a clear link through. (Emphasis on 'clear').

  ArrGee 22:38 24 Jun 2007

Just as a side note, I have recommended this site to many friends of mine for advice (so they stop asking for help from me for the price of a pint!).

They too have encountered the same problem and stopped coming back.

  anskyber 09:00 25 Jun 2007

OK. Obviously our experiences have been different. I have found that when a product is reviewed there is often a link through.

Looking at this click here as an example, clicking on the full review takes you to more information and top right, to a link for the manufacturer. Sometimes there is a link to a retailer.

I agree, it would be helpful if the link was plainer and in the text of the news item.

  paul trotter 09:26 25 Jun 2007


Thanks for the feedback - the missing link to the Sony Vaio RM1N was an oversight on our part. I've added a link this morning.

This is something we've been pushing over the past few months. I think we've been fairly good with links - both to PC Advisor articles and other sites. However, we'll keep pushing it.

Paul Trotter, editor

  ArrGee 09:28 25 Jun 2007

Many thanks Paul.

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