PC Advisor Milestone Is About To Happen Soon.

  Big L 266 12:06 19 Jun 2010


Very soon PC Advisor will achieve a milestone which should be celebrated very soon.

The current total number of users as at 12 noon on Saturday 19th June 2010 stands at an astonishing 299,994. In just six new users time, the milestone will be precisely 300,000 total users from around the world.

Will the 300,000th new user be accorded his/her 15 minutes of fame by PC Advisor and a small celebration made of this event whenever it does happen?

Big L 266

  Kevscar1 12:14 19 Jun 2010

Now you are going to have people creating new accounts for the chance to be famous.

  Forum Editor 12:15 19 Jun 2010

because we have no way of knowing who is who, and I'm afraid we do get quite a few registrations from spammers. I'm certainly not affording one of them even one minute of fame.

Feel free to celebrate when the counter ticks over, however. I remember how, back in the early days of the forum there was always a degree of excitement when we reached certain milestones - first it was 10,000 then 20,000 and so on.

Those days are long gone, but we're still here.

  Big L 266 12:21 19 Jun 2010


FE....I'll celebrate the 300,000th member with a salmon sandwich and diet Coke!

Big L 266

  Forum Editor 12:23 19 Jun 2010

don't overdo it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:56 19 Jun 2010

Its happen approx 14:53 BST 300K users

  Big L 266 16:47 19 Jun 2010


Fruit Bat....I missed it - oh dash and blast!

Big L 266

  morddwyd 19:38 19 Jun 2010

Once again you're a bit late

click here

  spuds 20:33 19 Jun 2010

I remember the days when this was a regular topic, of "when will we reach". Seems to have died down over the past 9 years or so. Doesn't time fly ;o))

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