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  pj123 13:16 20 Nov 2004

My PCA mag is delivered to me every month on a standing order with my local newsagents. (if you don't use them you lose them).

I class myself as a subscriber to PCA. Unfortunately, PCA doesn't, all the surveys that I have answered do not have an option for "a subscription via an alternative source"

The latest one only gives me to option to tick "bought from newsagents" but that could mean once a month, once a quarter, once a year etc...

I try to support my local shops (we have just had 3 post offices closed within half a mile from me, because they say they are not being used enough) and I am paying full cover price to have the mag delivered regularly. Am I justified in saying I am a subscriber?

  spuds 13:25 20 Nov 2004

Without your subscription,the magazine and this forum may not exist ;o)

  Forum Editor 13:44 20 Nov 2004

and I'm happy to see you call yourself a subscriber but technically you're not of course. Many people get their magazine in the same way as you, and I can understand your desire to support your local shop, but of course you're paying a premium for doing it.

  pj123 14:09 20 Nov 2004

FE, yes I realise I am paying a premium and you are happy to see my local shop close down then.

I pay my newsagent £3.50 a month for PCA CD edition. If I subscribed direct to PCA it would cost me £1.99 per month. That means my local newsagent would lose £1.50 for everyone who subscribed direct to PCA (and I would suppose any other direct magazine subscription). So what is the point of a local Newsagent then? I assume PCA is happy to supply my newsagent with 20 to 30 copies a month at the premium rate? I assume they are on a POR basis anyway. Do we need local newsagents anymore then? Do we need any local shops?

  Forum Editor 14:48 20 Nov 2004

and you are happy to see my local shop close down then."

You know pj123 there's one thing that really makes me angry, and that's someone who deliberately misinterprets something I've said, and then puts words into my mouth. What on earth drives you to write such rubbish? I said no such thing and you know it.

"I can understand your desire to support your local shop, but of course you're paying a premium for doing it."

What is it about that perfectly innocent statement that you don't understand? Every word of it is true, and I see nothing remotely connected with my being happy to see your local shop close. Don't make such stupid comments in future please - at least not about me.

  g0nvs 15:25 20 Nov 2004

Who needs 3 Post Offices within half a mile of each other ? Pay all pensions and benefits direct into bank accounts and close em all down for me.

  pj123 16:00 20 Nov 2004

OK FE. Maybe that wasn't what I meant to say and I apologise if that offended you.

I did not "deliberately" misinterpret what you said. I just tried to point out that I and anyone else who relies on their local newsagent to deliver suddenly decided to go direct to the source, would mean that there would be no more need for local shops. We don't even need to go out of our house anymore, we can order and get delivered anything we like via the internet.

For having a standing order for PCA Magazine with my local newsagent I still class myself as a subcriber and I am supporting my local shops.

  pj123 16:05 20 Nov 2004

g0nvs, My pension is paid into my bank account. So where do you post packages that are more than the normal first class post? Where do you get your Car Tax from when it runs out? Where do you buy more Premium Bonds from? etc. etc.

  roy 16:13 20 Nov 2004

I am a subcriber and I have no doubt that the benefit to the company is the fact that they have my money up front and have a guaranteed sale or customer. No doubt there are other benefits for them as well.

I also benefit by paying less than the cover price and receiving it through the post promptly. However, I also take your point about the local shop.

  Forum Editor 16:28 20 Nov 2004

and let's get this straight - you asked if you could consider yourself a subscriber and I said you could - we don't need to prolong this do we? As you no doubt understand, all magazines prefer to have sales via subscription because there are substantial cost savings - if everyone subscribed we would know precisely how many copies to print each month, and we could tell advertisers exactly how many copies we sell. here's also a predictable revenue stream, and anyone who runs a business will tell you how comforting that can be. In return, we pass savings back to subscribers, so it's almost a win/win situation. The only loser - as you've pointed out - is the person in the middle, the retailer. But that's another issue - it's our job to run our business as efficiently as possible, not to worry about how other people run theirs.

The issue of local shops, and whether or not we support them or need them is a separate matter, and not one that falls within our range of discussion subjects.

  pj123 17:03 20 Nov 2004

FE, thank you for accepting my apology. As this magazine and one other (not named) is all I get from my local shop, I am inclined to go for the subscription offer in each of the magazines.

As I now have a DVD player and DVD burner in my PC maybe I should go for the DVD issue.

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