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  Chegs ® 17:22 15 Sep 2005

The arrival of legal, subscription-based music download services is a good thing:

I agree - at last I can get a broad range of music without breaking the law

Disagree - if I pay a monthly subscription I expect to be able to copy my downloads onto any device I choose without paying extra

Disagree - the tracks are overpriced and lower quality compared to CD

Don't care – I can get a much better range of music for free from P2P file-swapping services like Kazaa

I would like to vote,but my choice would be "Dont Care"+"Disagree,because having bought a track I would want to burn it to CD" but not because I can steal music via P2P,but simply because I really don't care about subscription music.I have a domestic radio,I have BB so can listen to vast numbers of online radio stations,or watch the video's etc.

PCA have once again worded these polls to exclude a large number of Members from the vote.

  octal 17:55 15 Sep 2005

I'm with you on this one:

"Don't care", I'll continue to buy CD's but shop around for the best price.

  watchful 18:08 15 Sep 2005

I would also have voted 'Don't care' if that had been an option.

  €dstowe 18:33 15 Sep 2005

Likewise, I have no interest in the music available by this method.

  Andybear 18:38 15 Sep 2005

I do download the occasional track but I don't use a subscription method. I go to a site such as Tesco and pay about 70p for each. I then put them onto my mp3 player. Far cheaper than £2.99 or whatever for the cd single. However when it comes to albums I always buy cd's.

  ade.h 19:11 15 Sep 2005

I (mostly) concur with Chegs and Octal; 99% of my music collection is on CD.

However, the poll needs another option in addition to the above suggestion: Disagree - it can't match free, legal sources.

Such things do exist, and while they do I will not pay the equivalent of CD price for an album's worth of songs without actually getting the CD! Nor will I ever be persuaded that it's okay to use illegal sources like P2P. Enlightened record companies realise that giving me just a few tracks from an artist's back catalogue is enough to prompt me to buy albums from those artists. That has resulted in about 50 albums, or about 10% of my collection, so those record companies and artists have benefitted.

I suppose that argument could also be used to justify P2P, but it can't justify downloading material without the copyright holder's consent.

  Chegs ® 15:41 17 Sep 2005

I'm surprised.I would have thought there might have been a few more responses.As it is,I will tick the box and stay quiet on this in future.

  Ancient Learner 16:00 17 Sep 2005

Just got back here after a torrid time with SATA.

I quite agree with you. All this business of downloading leaves me cold, and wondering when on earth people find the time to listen to it all anyway.

  Dorsai 18:58 17 Sep 2005

I picked the closes to "dont give a damn" as I could...

  VoG II 23:28 17 Sep 2005

If I were a cynic I would suggest that it had been engineered to produce a particular result.

But I'm not - I just think that it is a poor poll - there is no option for those that disagree with all the options. My company is occasionally contracted to conduct polls. When we do, we always use professional pollsters.

  Forum Editor 12:50 18 Sep 2005

We would use professional pollsters too - if we intended to conduct a professional poll, but that isn't the intention at all, and well you know it.

As for your veiled reference to 'engineering' the questions to produce a particular result, that's offensive and untrue. I'm surprised to see you making such a silly comment - you should know better.

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