PC Advisor Issue 130

  Bob The Nob© 20:55 16 Mar 2006

Hey, just to say, I think the news pages are good with the forum posts added. Bet you thought you'd never see your name printed over the world. Cool!

  oresome 21:31 16 Mar 2006

The money comes in handy too!

  SG Atlantis® 22:02 16 Mar 2006

yeah ;)

  Forum Editor 22:06 16 Mar 2006

the cheques arrived OK.

  anr 14:29 17 Mar 2006

How can this be?

After two years of continual problems, and a supposedly 4Mbps service which is little faster than dial-up, Telewest have advised me NOT to use the following products due to incompatibility with their systems.

Anything by Norton / Symantic
Zone Alarm
Microsoft Office 2003!!!!!! especially Outlook

Now that is a pretty retrictive list to the average user, but I must admit their advice is good. I avoid Norton like the plague, and since installing Windows firewall and Thunderbird I am much happier. (A relative term - it means I can pick up my e-mails every two days or so).

My advice? Do an Ian Blair and record all calls with their helpline. Their default position is always that your PC is unserviceable, but if you stick to your guns they always admit in the end that they have major server problems.

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