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PC advisor forums speed

  namtas 13:08 13 Feb 2013

As has been commented on occasions I find that the overall pace of PC Advisor is much slower that most other site which I visit, this is not n earth shattering problem never the less it is noticeable and it does distract the user This became so obvious that I took to trying to find where the problem might be and without much effort I discovered that access was being held back on every click by a programme called And it was continually sending a message 'waiting for'
A check on describes it as a tool for market research data to website owners through a mixture of on-line surveys and the use of web beacons. Nothing really unexpected there, however some go so far to describe this programme as a bug or even a virus I wonder if anyone else has noticed this and should we be concerned?

  onthelimit1 13:28 13 Feb 2013

Chrome with adblock - pages load nearly as fast as other forums.

  Flak999 14:16 13 Feb 2013

Ditto the above!

  Al94 14:24 13 Feb 2013

For me the content loads but none of the links are clickable for quite some time until the background add has loaded.

  carver 14:44 13 Feb 2013

I find using I.E 9 that after loading it takes about 4-5 seconds before I can click on a page then it's the same for every link, , using Chrome it's as fast as any site on the web.

  namtas 15:01 13 Feb 2013

I see a delay created as each pages waits to open, Above I mentioned that one problem is but that is only one. There is also a big delay whilst something call does its business and tells me that it is busy reading images, a further logger is eloqua a marketing tool which I understand is part of the Oracle group.

  caccy 15:22 13 Feb 2013

I suffer from this as well using FF. Various sites are gathering information while I wa----------------it for the page to load!

  csqwared 15:46 13 Feb 2013

I'm using Linux with the Chromium web browser where, as suggested by 'Algerian peter', I turn off Java for this site only. The only drawback seems to be the non-appearance of the 'toolbar' above the topic box enabling bold, italics,etc. Other than that page loading fairly flies along.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:53 13 Feb 2013

Fast enough on FF using NoScript but i do have a pronlem with the page links 123 next taking me to RSS feed page and other places on the site rather than the page of the thread I want.

  sunnystaines 19:52 13 Feb 2013

since updating a few days to w8 and using chrome pca pages open instantly no lag whatsoever. a joy to visit pca again.

  Ex plorer 20:51 13 Feb 2013

Havent noticed any lag as yet FF OS Vista.

I found that if I just click under the no 2 for second page on this subject or any other I get facebook/ PCAdvisor waite a few seconds and you will get a new page.

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