PC Advisor Forum design - form and function

  simonjary 17:13 23 Mar 2010

We're working on a PC Advisor site redesign - tidying up and making connsistentnew parts and functions of the the site added over the past few years, improving search, etc.

As part of the redesign we'll be looking at improving the Forums where appropriate.

Don't worry we won't be making wholesale crazy changes that wreck what we think is the best and certainly the most popular tech forums in the land.

We'll be sticking firmly to the "If it ain't broke..." maxim.

But we do have an opportunity to clean up things that could work better, enhance functionality and even take away things that aren't necessary.

We'd love to hear your views so that the redesigned forums deliver what matters most - and there's no one better to tell us than the forum members themselves.

(This isn't about intrusive adverts, sporadic slowness of the site, etc - just functionality and look-and-feel.)

Thanks for your input!


Publisher, PC Advisor

  rdave13 17:22 23 Mar 2010

Any need to have the Vista and Windows 7 forums?
Couldn't they all (including XP etc.) be lumped under one 'Windows' forum?

  peter99co 17:34 23 Mar 2010

Good search engine? Needs a filter?

  Hercule Marple 17:44 23 Mar 2010

How about an 'Ignore This User' option?

  WhiteTruckMan 17:47 23 Mar 2010

Isn't that what the chinese government said? :)


  Kevscar1 18:01 23 Mar 2010

A lot of forums I have used have new beside the thread title. Clicking on htis takes you straight to first new post since you last read.
Others when you open the first page have a button view first unread.
This saves a lot of searching especially if it,s overnight

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:01 23 Mar 2010

Search by Author or thread title or part of thread title.
At the moment search doesn't seem to include thread titles only content.

Swap "compare prices" and "Forums" in left hand column.
It really annoys me to have to scroll so far down the page to get to the forums. :0)

  DieSse 18:33 23 Mar 2010

There's just too many topics now - I'm sure you've noticed how little some are used.

An edit function would be reeeelly nice.

If the menu for each section of the site could be automatically be moved to the head of the menu list - eg - when in Forums - could this automatically be moved ahead of Compare Prices.

It would be nicer and more convenient if when clicking on a thread, we were put automatically to the most recent page in the thread. Or even better two buttons, one to go to the first post, one to the last - depending whether you're reading for the first time, or following a long thread.

  realist 19:00 23 Mar 2010

I like it as it is, with none of the complicated "new-fangled" stuff they have on lesser forums.

  sunnystaines 19:01 23 Mar 2010

in addition to my list of comments the last time this was asked, i would add

an option to search "my posts"

also a "new posts" option where you view new posts since your last visit.

a 30 second phase to edit after posting

  Bingalau 19:21 23 Mar 2010

Surely you only have click on the page button required to choose anywhere betwixt the first and last pages of a thread. I know I do.

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