PC Advisor Awards 2012

  Matt Egan 17:25 06 Dec 2011

Hello all. As you may have noticed we've announced the nominations for the 2012 PC Advisor Awards. And, as in previous years, we'd like to know what you think, via the Reader Awards. To make up for the two or three minutes it will take you to let us know your Best PC and laptop brands, your favourite online retailers and your gadget of the year, by entering your votes at the PC Advisor Awards pages (http://www.techadvisor.co.uk/awards) you'll automatically be entered into a prize draw, from which you can win £250 worth of Amazon vouchers.

Even if you don't want to vote (and why wouldn't you?), I'd love you for to let us know what you think about our editorial awards, the individcual nominees and categories, and the whole awards program, in this thread. Let us know what we've missed or products you particularly liked. Don't be shy!

  Aitchbee 21:49 06 Dec 2011

Matt, this website is the best...triple A.

  daz60 03:16 07 Dec 2011

Looking forward to a full review of the Asus Transformer Prime it looks juicy.Also the Sony Nex 7 camera, two products on my wish list.Maybe they will be for the 2013 award.

  Matt Egan 09:06 07 Dec 2011

No problem buteman. It's a problem we've never been able to solve. We do a lot of checking to make sure that we carry reviews only from legitimate, legal and above board companies, and we always follow up on complaints. But short of mystery shopping dozens of PCs from multiple vendors every month, we have no way of fairly judging customer service. I will say this, however. Building and selling PCs is a complex business, and there will always be occasions where things go wrong. You won't find a single PC maker that doesn't have user complaints against it. Trouble is, people are very rarely moved to comment when things go right.

  Matt Egan 09:07 07 Dec 2011

Armchair No, just vote for the ones you feel comfortable passing opinion on. One of the reasons I love PC Advisor readers, and particularly forum users, is that things like this matter.

  Matt Egan 09:08 07 Dec 2011

daz60 The Asus Transformer Prime does indeed look good, and it's an exciting development in form factor, although it concerns me that people are comparing it to the iPad. It is a compromise device. Has to be.

  Quickbeam 09:32 07 Dec 2011

The only name over the entire lists that I've used this year is Amazon for a Pillars of the Earth DVD.

My personal austerity drive is driving much deeper than I thought!

  ella33 10:39 07 Dec 2011

I just voted for what I find reliable, that seems worth a vote but there are obviously brands that I have little experience of.

My problem in the survey, is that I thought we were being asked to vote in each category, or as many as we wished? So I placed a vote in retailer and received a pc advisor notice, Thanks for your vote etc. Then I voted in Best Laptop and I received a notice from pcadvisor to say 'Thank you, Your Vote has been Changed' I have obviously misunderstood something. Or maybe it is my internet signal not strong enough to sort it! Not to worry, just thought I would mention it.

  Covergirl 12:11 07 Dec 2011

Unfortunately I have not bought anything technology related this year (apart from a telly), so really I'm ineligible to enter. Don't do much online shopping either due to being out at work when deliveries generally arrive. Bummer.

I will enter though, just on the off chance I might win some Amazonian vouchers.

  Covergirl 12:29 07 Dec 2011

What a terrible poll imho. Lists not in alphabetical order (nearly missed Acer) and a Vote Now on each category necessitating a screen refresh, "Other" categories on some but not on other lists and . . .

The link (http://www.techadvisor.co.uk/awards) takes you to a badly worded / constructed page, quote : (Headline)

"PC Advisor Awards 2012 Have your say: vote now!

As we head toward a new year, we are proud to present our . . . etc"

which gives a list of items at the bottom, so you click one thinking you're selecting it for a vote and it goes to the reviews pages

Oh, I see I should have clicked on Have your Say Vote Now! which takes you to the selection and the multiple Vote Now buttons.

Oh, and there's the Hardware Awards and Software Awards hyperlinks which take me to the lists which takes me to the reviews

and the Readers Awards link takes me back up the page to the selections again.

I've not got totally confused yet, but is there somewhere to vote for Software ?

Is it just me, or . . . . . ????

  amonra 16:30 07 Dec 2011

There are some glaring gaps in the selections. Why can't we have a "None of the above" box ? and how about the WORST retailer of the year award, far more interesting (but not good for the ad dept.)

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