PC Adviser is top theft target

  Condom 20:32 22 Oct 2009

I give my old mags to my wife to take to her hospital where she works in the SCBU (Special care Baby Unit). She tells me that there is a reasonably good choice of mags there for people to read but apparently PC Adviser hardly lasts 5 minutes before it goes for a walk.
I'm unsure if this is anxious husbands with other things or their mind forgetting to leave them behind or because they always look to be new due to the date being so far in advance.
Anyway they certainly seem popular.

  Al94 21:12 22 Oct 2009

There's nothing as old as an old computer mag!

  lotvic 23:42 22 Oct 2009

That's reminded me it's time to clear my cupboard out as have got 'overspill' into two boxes now....

  spuds 00:26 23 Oct 2009

Being an hoarder, I have just looked at one old 'PCA' magazine complete with cd (Software worth £1,000), that's dated and stamped PCA55 July 1998 £4.99 (£6 outside UK and Eire). Tells you all about 500 Windows solutions.

Perhaps I should also mention that the 'PCA' magazine (in this case) stands for PC Answers (Future Publishing UK).

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