PC Adviser Naesby

  Naseby 2 17:51 15 Mar 2005

Dear Forum Editor,
I hope you hav influence with your mag designers as I and many silver are finding the columms with white out lettering are becoming impossible to read except with a spotlight.It was particuly bad with a sepia tint used with white out in this months mag,It may look pretty to your art staff but what is wrong with using tints with colour lettering.
Some readers will have to contemplate change as the clever pages are becoming unreadable no doubt for anyone with any modest sight problem.
Until I retired I had spent a lifetime in and around the printing industry suffering from clever publication designers don't let them play games with the pages or you could lose all your silver surfer readers.Naesby

  Forum Editor 19:05 15 Mar 2005

Thanks for your feedback. I've passed your comments to the magazine editor.

  fullyfitted 22:02 19 Mar 2005


I raised a similar complaint last month,
I do not know how to link two postings , so I will give mine a bump.
I think the more we keep at 'em the more chance we have of getting some action,


  Buchan 35 22:06 19 Mar 2005

Nice one mate

  Naseby 2 10:34 20 Mar 2005

Dear Forum Editor,
Have the previous comments and mine on print quality caused some re think with your page designers.Whilst it may not be admitted the May issue has been transformed with black lettering on green tints in the main makes for good readability.Has someone out there actually listened? Well done to all who raised it and thanks to who had the courage to reign in the page art fanatics.Naesby

  Kase 16:54 20 Mar 2005

I agree with your comments I am sure PC Advisor could save itself and its printers a small fortune on ink but perhaps this is a Remote possibility as with pages 172/173 of issue 118.
All this ink on the quality paper used by PCA in my opinion gives a low quality appearance to the Magazine. If PCA wishes to use colour it should go glossy. HELLO!, OK!, know what I mean?. I like PCA but sometimes I wonder if the tail is wagging the dog.

  jerichobob 21:07 20 Mar 2005

Glossy - er hang on a sec here. Wouldn't that mean printing interviews with the Beckhams and how their kids taught them to switch a computer on? No I'd rather not be able to read half of it than suffer that!

It is hard to read for us *ahem* 'older' people though.

  Naseby 2 09:18 21 Mar 2005

Taking a look at pages 172-173 the appearance is an improvement although a lighter tint would be welcome.I think there has been some change for the better in issue 118.Whilst the issue was print quality the printer in this case is one of the best in the country and would only be taking instructions from the customer so the problem was with and may still be the page layout designers at PCA.
If the issue 118 becomes the norm I will stay with PCA If the design goes back to the standard of issue 117 I and many silver surfers will move to another mag.I will tick as resolved in hope it is.Naesby

  Kase 20:16 21 Mar 2005

Hi Naseby
So who has the final say on a Magazine before it goes to print?. With regard to glossy paper I believe a competitor Magazine Computer Active changed its paper type and size in one issue together with layout, it can be done. Does not colour look better on glossy (glazed) paper to the average eye?. I do not know if I qualify as a silver surfer but I will admit I have had 3 score years plus of my 3 score years and ten. Anyway you have ticked your thread as resolved so I will rest my case. Nice to have joined your

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