interzone55 15:38 06 Dec 2007

My employer is following the lead taken by various banks and has decided not give give out printed payslips.

We now get our payslip from the company intranet. It's very secure, as you have to give your login & password to access the payslip.

I have a few concerns though, for a start will banks etc accept a payslip printed online.
I also have to print everything to a shared printer on the other side of the office, someone else could get my payslip before I reach the printer.
Also, not everyone in my company has access to a computer - the warehouse staff for instance. So how do they get their payslips as they don't have a network login?

Above all else though, is it legal not to give out pre-printed payslips?

  Pine Man 15:42 06 Dec 2007

I only get one if the amount varies by more than £1.

  Jak_1 15:42 06 Dec 2007

By law an employer has to give a payslip showing certain relevent details. You will find that 99.9% are computerised and printed. So I see no reason why a printout from your company intranet is not legal as long as the slip contains all the required information.

  Coffee Adict 16:04 06 Dec 2007

The concept sounds good, the implementation sounds dodgy. My pay slip shows my name and address and NI number and are a pain to shred because of the gooey glue the 3 parts are stuck together with.

  interzone55 16:15 06 Dec 2007

I know the feeling, currently our payslips are like that, with the added bonus of my bank sort-code & account number.

One piece of paper with everything you need to steal my identity, sent through the post every month. One reason that I'm glad they're putting them on the intranet rather than through the post.

I've looked at about a dozen employment law websites and all I can find is that everyone except members of the police service, certain workers in the fishing industry & freelance workers are entitled to a written pay statement on or before pay day. I doesn't say anything about how it should be presented to the employee.

More to the point, I can understand fishery workers & freelance workers, but why aren't police entitled to a payslip?

  pj123 16:40 06 Dec 2007

I always thought it was a legal requirement for your employer to issue you with a payslip at least 24 hours before your salary reaches the bank.

We always used to get an apology from our employer (County Council) if that was not possible. Mostly, of course, it ran very smoothly.

  interzone55 17:08 06 Dec 2007

This is my point, does it have to be pre-printed and handed to the employee, or does it just need to be made available to the employee, ie available to download from the company network.

On this subject, I've just remembered about my time at Littlewoods catalogue in Crosby. We use to get a slip on Wednesday telling us what we would be paid on Friday, then another slip on Friday telling us what we've been paid. When the company decided this was a massive waste of resources and tried to drop the Wednesday pay advice a strike was called.
Personally I could see no point to the Wednesday slip, but obviously others felt differently. I wonder how those staff would take to losing the physical payslip altogether, there'd be riots on the streets of Crosby.

  Quickbeam 17:26 06 Dec 2007

Your concerns over others seeing your personal information, and of some departments not able to access this info at will should be brought to the attention of your management. It seems this has not been thought through very well at all.

The two main points are:
1. You are entitled to expect this information to be guaranteed completely confidential from all staff outside of the pay dept.

2. The staff without ready access to this information, would probably have a just complaint that their legal right to pay advice is breached.

There may be a third issue regarding to data protection law as others may be able to gain your personal information. I got out of factory management before this law so someone else may know how you stand on this point.

  Coffee Adict 17:39 06 Dec 2007

Quickbeam has made some very valid points, delivery to your personal e-mail would be better, although I forsee problems there as well. I think more consultation may be needed.

  interzone55 20:49 06 Dec 2007

I should point out that I work for a UK division of a huge US corporation, this seems to have been pushed on us from the US HQ without a great deal of thought. We have raised our concerns in a meeting this afternoon and hopefully a couple of features are being amended.

Next year we will be able to access the payslips at home via t'internet so people who share a printer or who don't have a PC at work will be able to print the payslip at home.

All people without a PC at work will get a network logon anyway and a workstation is being set up in a room so people will be able to login and get a payslip at work.

I'm still not 100% happy

  Jak_1 20:56 06 Dec 2007

Storm in a teacup really methinks. You cave your own logon details so only you can access your payslip and print it off. Your emploer is providing suitable means for thos who do not work with pc's to be able to get them by a purpose set workstaton.
I always recieved my payslips at home by post, all it takes is for postal strikes and lost mail for that to go awry!
I think it is a good idea to be able to get them online. But that's only my opinion.

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