Paypal scam

  lignum vitae 10:36 21 Apr 2005

Yesterday I received an email which purported to come from Paypal advising me that"Their account review team had detected unusual activity on my account".To ensure my account had not been compromised I was requested to restore my account by clicking on the link.
This was an extremely clever email and I could not distinguish from the real thing.However being a very suspicious person I forwarded it to Papal for their opinion...the reply came back straight away it was a fraud and under no circumstances declare any financial details.
They stated in any emails they(Paypal) use account holders first and last names which the scammer had not.
I mention this in case any forum members are targeted.

  Dchar23 10:52 21 Apr 2005

I had the exact same thing happen with E Bay, after reading your post I decided to check that E Mail again to see how genuine it is. The link it asked me to click on doesnt go anywere now, it did the other day but I dont use E Bay anymore so i just ignored it.

Ill check my E Bay account properly now, but thanks for the warning.

  jerichobob 11:50 21 Apr 2005

I think this is what they call phishing and has become more and more prevalent recently. Basically what they are trying to do is get you to give them financial details by pretending to be somebody else - Paypal, E-bay, Barclays Bank, etc. The quality of e-mail is getting better and better with the correct company headers, decent spelling and grammar - always a dead giveaway in the past - and professional looking fake websites behind the links. The simple rule is never respond to an e-mail of this nature and report it to the institution it is aliasing. If you feel that it may be genuine, then go to the official website of the company and use the contact procedure to place a query. If they then ask you to provide details then do it through the official website only and not through an e-mail link.


  Indigo 1 12:49 21 Apr 2005

I had one myself but just deleted it as I know PayPal would not need to contact me for any reason.

Wish I had thought of forwarding it to them.

Maybe next time.

  pj123 13:19 21 Apr 2005

This is a regular email as is one from ebay.

Just forward them to [email protected]

and then delete them.

  Dchar23 14:07 21 Apr 2005

Thanks for the help I just got this back from E Bay.

The email you reported did not originate from, nor is it endorsed by, eBay or PayPal. We are very concerned about this problem and are working diligently to address the situation. We are currently investigating the source of this email to take further action. You may rest assured that your account standing has not changed and that your listings have not been affected.

  Dchar23 14:11 21 Apr 2005

Oh yeh click here for more info on spoof E Mails

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:11 21 Apr 2005

eBay, Paypal and online banks NEVER ask you for personal account details(e.g. usernames, passwords etc) in emails. Emails that do are always phishing scams.

  lignum vitae 17:36 21 Apr 2005

No, these people were not asking directly for my personal account details but by saying that some fruadulent activity had been taking place with my account they could draw me in and possibly get the account details later.

  pj123 17:42 21 Apr 2005

Yes, but only if you do have an ebay or paypal account, which I don't. So any email I get from these two is obviously a scam.

Remember ebay, paypal or any financial organisation will never ask you for your details (ID, password etc.) so just delete them. If you really want to check, log in as normal or ring them on the phone and confirm.

  Forum Editor 18:05 21 Apr 2005

for quite a while, and there are various clones of it purporting to come from some of the major banks. They all take much the same form, and are all fairly convincing at first sight.

No bank, or indeed any financial company would ask you to verify account details online like this - especially via email.

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