Payment details for a free trial?

  bumpkin 21:29 17 Nov 2018

I use Avast which I find good but they keep spamming me to upgrade. I have considered upgrading and they offer a free 60 day trial which I would try so why do they ask for payment details before I have even tried it.

  Aitchbee 22:45 17 Nov 2018

This may not be the case in your particular situation bumpkin, but I received several emails from Avast, when my subscription was about to end, stating that my Visa card details were out-of-date [expired] and they couldn't go ahead with automatic renewal of my subscription. Ended up not renewing it cos i got fed up with their nagging me to sign-up for extras.

  Belatucadrus 22:50 17 Nov 2018

That's why I stopped using avast!, the free version pretty much became scareware with increasingly regular and luridly phrased warning pop ups attempting to get you to upgrade. As to why they want payment details, simple they hope you'll forget to cancel and this will allow them to start taking payment. According to some review sites I've seen it's now not as simple to cancel or get your money back as it should be either. This note with the caveat that I never paid for avast! and as such never experienced any difficulties and have no hard evidence to back up these rumours and accusations.

  rdave13 23:11 17 Nov 2018

Binned Avast and their acquired software many years ago and haven't looked back.

  MJS WARLORD 23:23 17 Nov 2018

lots of companies say FREE but want your bank details before the end of a so called free trial example, 3 issues of a magazine for free BUT give us your bank details anyway just in case you want to subscribe , software users also say free and when you use the programs they say " we found a problem that needs fixing" £££££ to let the program help you !

  MJS WARLORD 23:24 17 Nov 2018

avg is FREE but only part of it works so they put you on a guilt trip , they want £££ to make all parts of the program work.

  Belatucadrus 23:58 17 Nov 2018

AVG is now owned by an avast! subsidiary, which is why they are now nagging for you to upgrade. They also own CCleaner which now comes with avast! bundled in and has taken the view that if you aren't operating a third party antivirus you must really want it which is why you have to read the small print and consciously opt out of it rather than select opt in should you want it. Windows defender apparently doesn't count in their books. I'm still running an old Piriform version, does the job and no added crud.

  Menzie 02:58 18 Nov 2018

I use Bitdefender Free along with Malwarebytes Pro.

I'm actually very impressed with Bitdefender Free, the reviews seem positive on the scanning performance and I cannot remember the last time it has nagged me about anything.

Acronis True Image on the other hand however seems to pop up something about the latest version every other day.

  oresome 11:13 18 Nov 2018

"I use Avast which I find good but they keep spamming me to upgrade. I have considered upgrading and they offer a free 60 day trial which I would try so why do they ask for payment details before I have even tried it."

I'm sure you know why. Because you'll forget to cancel the direct debit and by the time you realise, it'll be too much hassle to reclaim it.

  wee eddie 11:17 18 Nov 2018

oresome is spot on

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:58 18 Nov 2018

Agree with Belatucadrus I stopped using Avast due to the "nagging and AVG had become too bloated.

I Used Kaspersky as my bank once offed it free and then paid for it the following year. They now do a free version (cut down) that has the same database but not the firewall and other extra features of the full version.

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