Pay day. Cash, cheque, bacs?

  Blackhat 10:10 18 Jun 2010

For those of us on a wage, how do you get paid these days.

Reason for asking is that I still pay my staff cash on a Friday. Old fashioned but my staff prefers it, I also pay myself cash on a Friday.

How would you prefer to be paid?

  Chegs ®™ 10:15 18 Jun 2010

Directly to a bank account as then there's no way to lose ones hard earned,as once happened to me whilst travelling home by bus.

  babybell 10:16 18 Jun 2010

Straight into my account......and usually straight back out again the day after.

  wiz-king 10:17 18 Jun 2010

Into the bank - haven't been paid in cash for over 30 years.

  wids001 11:12 18 Jun 2010

There was some legislation years ago that gave everyone the right to be paid in cash. This was removed a few years back and now many people have their wages paid diectly into a bank.

Which is fine ..... until the banks start charging for using current accounts again.

  woody 12:10 18 Jun 2010

Good grief!

I am approaching 80yrs old and have not been paid cash for half a century.
While I have no records of how much cash I spend I doubt if I spend £20 cash a year!
I do keep some cash in hand -just in case - and have fallen into the trap - they went out of date - honest.
Cash is the dark days.The only reason I can think anyone needs cash is for the black economy and to keep secrets from the wife/mistress!
Why do you need cash - all stores take cards - they do not mind even for one paper.

Please tell me I am wrong - you still go to the bank and draw out wages the same time and the same day or you have to store the cash .
I hope the rest of your business is more up to date (joke).
"Wids001" I have never had any bank charges - they do give me the odd penny if i leave a large sum in!

  Blackhat 12:31 18 Jun 2010

I don't do a wages run. I receive cash payments from customers that exceed my wages bill, I bank the difference and record in accounts accordingly.

Some of my staff do not have bank accounts!

  woody 12:54 18 Jun 2010

Blackhat."Some of my staff do not have bank accounts!"

I thought it was us crinkly's that do not understand high tec!
Having used cheques/cards for so long i can not imagine how i would cope without a card (cheques will be gone soon).Just paying bills would be a problem without a card/bank.Do people realy go into a pub/restaurant and pull out a great wad of notes and queue at the bank to pay the gas/elec?

I am not asking for info but it may be worth while to ask your accountant how much it costs to pay cash as apposed to a more efficient method.
You could always help your staff by introducing them to a bank.

  Þ² 13:02 18 Jun 2010

BACS, with a paper payslip collected on payday from the office.

Recieved cash for first few weeks due to problems their end and that's the only time I've been paid cash for a job, it's always into bank account and I'm 27yrs old.

  Blackhat 13:08 18 Jun 2010

I don't use cards very often and much prefer to hand over cash, maybe because I get cash weekly.

Regarding some of my staff, I doubt if a couple of them want a bank account, various reasons including personal bankruptcy, previous convictions etc. (loveley lot my staff)

  Blackhat 13:18 18 Jun 2010

To paint a clearer picture, I own 2 factories employing some unskilled labour.
Some of them love to walk straight from the factory to the pub for a Friday blow-out.

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