Pavvi's Life Story

  morddwyd 09:23 25 Mar 2013

Anybody know how the film of Pavvi's life story is coming along?

Haven't seen it mentioned for a while, and he's too nice a guy to go on about it himself.

  pavvi 10:02 25 Mar 2013

You're way too kind!

The film is completed, they finished shooting in early December, and its in post production. An edit of the film was shown to an audience in New York at a private screening, and it seems to have gone down well. I've recorded all the singing for the film already - strange to see James Corden's mouth moving and my voice coming out of it! Am busy writing an autobiography at the moment, which won't be a rehash of the screenplay.

It all feels rather surreal to be honest, and it has felt like that throughout. The wife says I haven't changed a bit - still the same pain in the arse I've always been.

  lotvic 12:03 25 Mar 2013

I'm looking forward to the film, and even better still eventually an autobiography to read. Always try to follow what you are up to these days. Brill :)

  Bing.alau 12:12 25 Mar 2013

This is all new to me so Pavvi has certainly been keeping quiet about it. Isn't it good to have a wife who keeps you down to Earth?

  Aitchbee 12:14 25 Mar 2013

Pavvi - you're Better Half's description [of you] should definitely be included on the new book's inside back-cover's blurb ... I'll be lookin' out for it! :o]

  morddwyd 19:23 25 Mar 2013

Thanks pavvi.

Looking forward to it.

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