Paul Harris wades through 10ft of water

  hssutton 10:20 08 Jan 2014

Quiet on Speakers corner lately, hence the silly story.

Every morning I view the daily papers online. One story caught my eye, yes it was in the Mail. This was the story of what must be the tallest man ever. Not sure why the Mail has such a bad reputation:)

Paul Harris wades through 10ft of water

  Woolwell 10:29 08 Jan 2014

Sloppy headline writing: the words "up to" before 10ft are missing.

  fourm member 11:27 08 Jan 2014

Not just sloppy. Also wrong.

I heard a piece about Muchelney, yesterday. It talked about how people were being ferried from the island to be able to go to their jobs. It also talked about supplies being ferried across.

To say that this is a 'community isolated for four days' is rubbish.

Still, I suppose it is better for the Mail to publish new rubbish rather than repeating the old.

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Sexercise 7 January 2014

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:40 08 Jan 2014

As I said in the FE's thread, I lived near Muchelney for nine years. I can assure you, if the water on the road were as deep as The Mail claim, the whole village would be under water. The main road into the village, from Huish Episcopi/Langport is very flat and the village rises less than ten feet from the level of the road outside. Also, as pointed out by FM, there have been boats and tractors helping the villagers, carrying supplies and people in and out. Even more stupidly, The Sun sent a girl in a Sun tee-shirt there, villagers were not impressed by their idiocy. BBC Points West showed it how it really is.

  Aitchbee 20:52 08 Jan 2014

I don't buy newspapers but I do enjoy listening to BBC Radio4's What The Papers Say late on sunday nights ... it has got a catchy 'n' very uplifting theme tune [flutes & drums], as-well-as, [as-a-bonus] someone [ from the BEEB ] reading out the headline's from the week's tabloids in the tone of a hypothetical 'imagined' typical reader of the the newspaper featured.

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