Patio heater to clear snow?

  Graham* 15:46 30 Oct 2011

If we get deep snow again this winter, would a patio heater be of any help? Many of my neighbours have one, mostly only used once, now standing glumly at the rear of the garage with a plastic hat on.

  lotvic 15:50 30 Oct 2011

I don't think melting the snow so it refreezes into solid sheets of ice would be helpful.

  Terry Brown 15:54 30 Oct 2011

If you are talking about using it inside the patio to stop it freezing, why not?.

If you are talking about using it to melt the snow once it has settled, if it is an electric one, you may have have a safety problem with the damp. "Out in the back of the garage with a plastic hat", it may not be safe to use without:-

(1) bringing it indoors for a few days to dry out'

(2) have it checked by a competant person for safety.


  spuds 16:05 30 Oct 2011

To expensive to run?.

They are only meant to take the chill away, not deal with a deep snowfall!.

  Forum Editor 17:17 30 Oct 2011

Using a gas-fired patio heater to clear snow from a patio strikes me as a particularly expensive and wasteful exercise.

What's wrong with a bit of salt/grit and a shovel?

  Quickbeam 18:24 30 Oct 2011

Bearing in mind that the heating umbrella is quite high from the ground, I think that maybe using a hair dryer whilst on your hands and knees will be more efficient...

  Quickbeam 06:56 31 Oct 2011
  Quickbeam 09:32 31 Oct 2011

"Pretty rubbish dragon."

Are you kidding? What family with young 'uns wouldn't want a dragon like that in the back garden!

  Condom 23:45 01 Nov 2011

Years ago my father used a paraffin run weed killer (Come flame thrower) during the winter to keep our paths clear of snow and ice. I haven't seen one for years so I don't know if they are still available.

  Forum Editor 23:53 01 Nov 2011


I found one of those in the garage when I bought my house. It was a wand-like implement,and emitted a powerful blast of flame from one end. I imagine they were discontinued on account of the number of burnt feet.

  Condom 00:02 02 Nov 2011

FE That sounds like the thing I was talking about. If I remember it was orange in colour and basically worked like an old primus stove and you got a lot of heat for a little paraffin.

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