pathetic goverment regulations

  [email protected] 11:17 17 Jan 2007

this is stupidity at its best,if your in the building trade or a tradesman you will understand where iam coming from

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  hijo 11:19 17 Jan 2007

yeah i come from Hull & i dont know if u do anyway yeah ive done some building work before & the reg's are gettign silly...

  namtas 13:17 17 Jan 2007

How can this be stupidity? I think that it is commonsense where work is involved as opposed to a need to gain access only. What can be more stupid than balancing on top of a pair of steps to do a fitting job using stepladders to reach a ceiling fitting, they do not provide a stable working platform. Stepladders like ladders are now officially classed as being for access only, in my opinion they always should have been so.

They will continue to be used by those who can not, will not think safety, but at least it should reduce the accident claims.

  €dstowe 14:35 17 Jan 2007

In one of the hospitals where I trained they had contractors in to paint and decorate certain parts of the building prior to a visit by HM the Q.

The painters stated they had finished the job but looking at the work they had done, there was no fresh paint above head height - and this was variable. Challenged, they said that the new HSA rules stated they weren't permitted to raise their hands above their heads, neither were they allowed to use ladders. They could have used scaffolding, they said, but this wasn't stipulated in the contract.

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