Past and present aerobatic display teams

  Woolwell 12:49 12 Jun 2013

I know that many on this site are fans of aircraft displays. I came across this site The link should open to a video of 5 fairly old RAF and Navy display teams (you have to let one complete and then the next starts). It includes early Red Arrows but also some spectacular formation take offs and landings.

  Forum Editor 13:04 12 Jun 2013

Sixteen Hunters doing a formation roll has got to be one of the most spectacular examples of precision flying ever seen.

  Woolwell 13:31 12 Jun 2013

Twenty Two Hunters in the video.

  Woolwell 13:32 12 Jun 2013

The video is worth persevering with or fast forward as there are some great displays.

  Forum Editor 13:40 12 Jun 2013


"Twenty Two Hunters in the video"

Indeed, but only sixteen did the formation roll.

  morddwyd 17:07 12 Jun 2013

Over the years I have seen just about every display team in the Northern Hemisphere, and not a few from the Southern, but for me the absolute epitome of the display teams' art was the Patrouille de France flying the Magister (Fouga not Miles!).

  Dragon_Heart 00:00 14 Jun 2013

Flying a helicopter in a straight line can be hard enough but the guys from The Blue Eagles & The Black Cats made it look easy.

OK copters can now loop the loop etc but the actual skill in flying one is, in my opinio,n 30% training and 71% natural talent.

  morddwyd 07:11 14 Jun 2013

They don't need to practice then, or to have any experience?

  sunnystaines 07:44 14 Jun 2013

saw one a few years back in budapest after the aerobatic display the planes then did a mock attack on the city. a fantastic display they were blue military jets i think hungarian airforce if they have one, would never had been allowed over london. best display i have ever seen followed up by the red bull airrace where they even flew under the bridges in budapest.

  Quickbeam 10:16 14 Jun 2013

I went to the last ever Lightning display at RAF Binbrook in '87.

The weather was atrocious and hats off to the RAF that managed to do anything on that dreigh murky dour grey day!

  siouxah1 19:52 14 Jun 2013

"Flying a helicopter in a straight line can be hard enough but the guys from The Blue Eagles & The Black Cats made it look easy."

Thanks for hat Dragon Heart. Glad you appreciate it. I was No2 in the Blue Eagles in 1969 and 1970. I confirm that I kept my eyes closed all the time. LOL

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