Passport Application - speedy service!

  Batch 10:41 24 Oct 2014

Posted my passport off for renewal off this Monday morning, with a certain amount of tredpidation regarding how long it might take.

New Passport dropped on my mat this morning (Friday). So 4 days then (and I didn't opt for any express service or anything like that).

Have to say that I'm a bit gobsmacked, given all the bad press HMPO have had.

  spuds 11:45 24 Oct 2014

Perhaps the intervention by some politicians and the government is now bringing its just rewards and dividends.

  Batch 12:10 24 Oct 2014

Jock1e / spuds - I agree, all such thoughts have crossed my mind. Even so, they received the application Tuesday a.m., did all the necessary, created the new passport and put it in the post Thursday for me to receive it this a.m.

Of course another thought that crossed my mind was that they pick on applications like mine (e.g. straight forward, correctly completed application with no ambiguities) that they know they can process easily with minimum effort in order to improve their stats (cynical? moi? jamais!).

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