Passengers on Eurostar breakdown

  peter99co 20:59 22 Feb 2010

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I find it odd that the train has no emergency lighting system.

  oresome 21:57 22 Feb 2010

According to one passenger in your clip, there was emergency lighting but it didn't last long.

  peter99co 22:24 22 Feb 2010

Missed that! Must be AA batteries they use.

  michaelw 08:26 23 Feb 2010

Surley they must be losing a lot of business to the ferries.

  Cymro. 11:14 23 Feb 2010

I hate to think what it must have been like especially for those with young children.

  oresome 12:41 23 Feb 2010

"Must be AA batteries they use."

And not Duracell at that!

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