A parliamentary point of order...

  Quickbeam 16:36 16 Nov 2018

If the hardliners get their 48 letters to challenge the PM, is the PM effectively shackled from any government business progressing, or is the PM still able to do government business until she officially either wins or loses her premiership?

  Forum Editor 17:01 16 Nov 2018

If the Chairman of the 1922 committee receives 48 letters from Conservative MPs who have lost confidence in their leader he must decide whether to hold a vote of no confidence.

When that happens, the Prime Minister has to receive more than half the votes from her MPs if she is to remain in power. If she gets those votes, she carries on, and there cannot be another vote for at least a year.

If she doesn't get the required number of votes, she must resign immediately, and that triggers a contest for the next leader of the party.

So to sum up, Theresa May remains as Prime Minister until there has been a vote by her MPs. If she loses the vote, she loses her job.

  Quickbeam 17:10 16 Nov 2018

So there is a possibility that while we are in our most insecure period of modern political history, and within 4 months of of what will be this centuries most important political decision, there are those that would effectively gag any parliamentary business from progressing until the 11th hour?

  Forum Editor 17:31 16 Nov 2018

Yes, that's about it. Some of those people are running another agenda, of course - they are positioning themselves to make a bid for the top job if Theresa May has to step down.

The very last thing we need right now is exactly what we've got - a massive political row over how the government fulfills the promise that was made by David Cameron to honour the result of the referendum. Theresa May said she would make good on that promise. Any new Tory Prime Minister would have to meet the challenge.

It's the old story - those who oppose Theresa's plan have yet to come up with one of their own. Jeremy Corbyn can make all kinds of sweeping statements because he isn't the one having to deal with Brussels. Incumbent Prime Ministers are at a distinct disadvantage in that respect.

That's politics for you.

  Govan1x 18:45 16 Nov 2018

Must be easier to remove the Pm than it is to remove the labour leader.he is still there after many attempts to remove him.

Whether she stays in power or not the rebels can still vote against any thing that she wants passed making it impossible for her to govern.

They will probably vote against the deal with the EU stopping it from passing.

You would not need rebels if you had a decent PM. But it seems the tory party are the bigest culprits when things like this happens.

Cant remember if it has happened to a labour government in the last 40 odd years but I think i can think of at 3 maybe 4 tory PM's that have suffered the same fate.

  Govan1x 18:47 16 Nov 2018

Brexit is Brexit or out is out or the new one. out is still in. Dont think the PM can make her mind up.

  Quickbeam 05:36 17 Nov 2018

You missed 'in is the new out' out...

  morddwyd 09:25 17 Nov 2018

Vote of confidence or not, I'm afraid, as a lifelong Tory, that TM is a lame duck leader and will ever remain so.

We are still reaping the rewards of the grandees plan to remove Margret Thatcher, and we will continue to do so so long as the Conservative Party selects the least worst, rather than the best, leader.

Shades of Jim Hacker!

  Forum Editor 09:44 17 Nov 2018


"Cant remember if it has happened to a labour government in the last 40 odd years but I think i can think of at 3 maybe 4 tory PM's that have suffered the same fate."

Both the major parties have seen rebellions leading to changes of government over that period.

In 1979, Labour Prime Minister James Callaghan lost a vote of no confidence, and had to call a General election.

In 2006 there was a major rebellion amongst Labour MPs in Tony Blair's government, and he resigned as Prime Minister in 2007.

At the end of 1990, Michael Heseltine challenged Margaret Thatcher for the leadership of the Conservative party. He lost the vote, but enough people supported him to make it clear that Thatcher did not have the kind of support she needed, and she resigned shortly afterwards.

  Govan1x 09:58 17 Nov 2018

I think the Pm is a bit like Margaret Thatcher when a problem comes along that needs fixed she would bury her head in the sand hopeing it would go away. Poll tax being one of the problems.

TM has the same problem and has also got her head in the sand hoping it will go away.This lady is not for moving either and we all know what happened to the forst one.

I do agree and i am not picking on the tory party, but every party out there has the same problem. What has happened to all of the leaders. There is none out there that you would actually want to waste a vote on.

I think if we had someone like Nicola Sturgeon we would at least have someone that commands a bit of authority.

I am just saying as leaders go she does well. votable ,yes. But not down south.

Unfortunately we dont have some one like that in England, And the way I see it nobody worth voting for.

  Govan1x 10:17 17 Nov 2018

Thanks for the updae FE it is always refreshing to know the proper facts.

Not sure why I thought there were more votes of no confidence in prime ministers, Obviously I got that wrong.

The knives were out for a few of them so can only assume they resigned or stood down.

Think i need some more memorey pity you cant buy it like you can with computers.

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