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A parliamentary Constitution Query ...

  Quickbeam 13:02 10 Jun 2017

As we all know, should May have been unable to get her alliance to get the Queen's speech though, the Queen would have had to ask Labour if they could do it.

However, if she gets her Queen's speech though, but the DUP alliance collapsed within a short time, can the Queen still ask labour to form a government, or does a new election have to be called after a Queen's Speech has been voted in?

  Govan1x 13:36 10 Jun 2017

If she does not get the DUP to join her they are still allowed to form a minority government.

But if labour got everyone else to back them then they would probably be first choice and the Tory party would have to withdraw.

The Tory party will struggle even with the DUP. Dont think they would last that long without them.

Normally if the DUP withdrew after the opening of parliament the Government would be allowed to proceed as minority government.

Well that's the way I see it. But they would find it extremely hard to carry on unless maybe they hooked up with the Lib Dems.

  Forum Editor 13:56 10 Jun 2017

It all comes down to a question of confidence. As I understand it, once the Queen's speech has been voted on in parliament, it takes a successful vote of no confidence to trigger an election.

In reality, the number of seats a Prime Minister has in the Commons is irrelevant - what counts is the confidence of the House. technically, a Prime Minister can run a minority government, relying on confidence each time there's a vote in the Commons. In practice, it's nigh on impossible for such a government to survive.

A lot is going to depend on how the relationship with the DUP works. There's no formal coalition, meaning no DUP MPs will get cabinet posts. The relationship will be what's called a 'confidence-and-supply' arrangement, whereby DUP MPs will support the government's budget and support it in 'no confidence' situations.In return, it will expect some concessions to its manifesto policies.

The skill, as far as the Prime Minister is concerned, is going to be in keeping the arrangement going smoothly. It requires a good deal of careful handling by both parties to the agreement, and Theresa May hasn't distinguished herself when it comes to her ability to communicate.

  Quickbeam 16:53 10 Jun 2017

Ah, so there is no simple book of rules to cover it all!

  Quickbeam 16:59 10 Jun 2017

I now predict an election within 3 months of a Queens Speech being passed.

  rickf 17:50 10 Jun 2017

Another election is in the air,unfortunately.

  Quickbeam 18:27 10 Jun 2017

What will Brenda in Bristol make of it all!

  bumpkin 18:58 10 Jun 2017

I now predict an election within 3 months of a Queens Speech being passed.

Is that a serious remark.

  Quickbeam 19:07 10 Jun 2017

Oh yes.

  morddwyd 19:54 10 Jun 2017

Ah, so there is no simple book of rules to cover it all!

Yes. Erskine May overs most things.

I too, predict an election in the autumn.

  hssutton 20:08 10 Jun 2017

When I went to cast my vote on Thursday the staff at the voting booth said here you are again, as I had been there recently for the council elections. On the way out after casting my vote I said to the staff will see you again in a few weeks. Obviously all in jest, but it could become reality.

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