Parking ticket woe.

  DANZIG 22:36 10 Apr 2009

I received a parking ticket last week.

I had actually purchased a ticket and stuck it in my windscreen as instructed by the very clear signage in the car park, unfortunately it had come unstuck and fallen on the floor.

I have written to the parking company to explain this AND sent them the ticket that I purchased however they're not interested and have given me two weeks to pay the £60 fine.

Anyone out there think I have any chance of winning this??

  oresome 22:52 10 Apr 2009

I think the wording is usually along the lines of "failure to display a valid ticket"

The fact that you actually purchased a ticket won't cut any ice with the jobsworths.

Did the ticket relate to your vehicle in any way? i.e did you have to enter part of your registration number. That at least would indicate that you didn't simply pick up a discarded ticket after the event.

  DANZIG 22:57 10 Apr 2009

Unfortunately, no.

The 'proper' car park I occasionally use does require this but like everyone else I go for the cheaper option. I have to park there all day (10 hours) and £2.90 is good in my opinion!

Incidentally, I got a ticket in the 'proper' car park two weeks ago for a similar transgression and my appeal was upheld after a simple phonecall.

  lotvic 23:41 10 Apr 2009

Might be prudent for you to invest in a plastic holder of some sort so that the ticket can't come unstuck.

Bad luck that I hope you are successful, it's worth a try anyway.

  DANZIG 23:52 10 Apr 2009

I stick it on the windscreen above the dashboard, slightly wedged in the side of the windscreen seal now!

Its not going to happen again.

  [email protected] 01:09 11 Apr 2009

I just lay mine on the dash board. It's clearly in view and doesn't leave a sticky residue on your windscreen.

  Chegs ®™ 05:26 11 Apr 2009

I have had numerous problems with items that are supposed to be stuck to the windscreen.I have never yet paid a parking ticket as a visit to the council offices to explain the circumstances or a letter detailing the error has resulted in the penalty being dismissed.The most irritating was finding a "No valid tax disc displayed" notice stuck on the windscreen when the disc was laid on the dashboard having unstuck off the glass.The car was parked on my driveway into the bargain so not actually on the highway but when the DVLA demanded £80 I fired off an extremely curt letter pointing out their error only to be told I should've attended court.A second letter was sent asking why I should attend court when I hadn't committed an offence and asking that they check their records to confirm the vehicle was taxed.Only then was the penalty waived.

  Kevscar1 06:39 11 Apr 2009

Bad mistake sending the ticket, only send copie. Now you have no proof of purchasing one.

  jack 07:53 11 Apr 2009

Is the car parks that are privately operated can get as stroppy as they like - but as long as you complied and made the purchase you have done you bit .
Write and explain - retain the ticket = and stuff 'em.
They wont actually go to court, it is not a criminal offence, and threats of bad debts records are eyewash , just stick it out.

  laurie53 08:48 11 Apr 2009

Except, of course, that they can get an entry put on your credit record as a defaulting debtor and you won't know a thing about it until the first time you are refused credit.

  Quickbeam 09:23 11 Apr 2009

Jack's point holds true. If you've written and that notifies them that you dispute the ticket, it's quite likely they'll not risk court costs on a lost case.

Laurie53, doesn't it require a bit more than just recording a debt than by doing it off your own bat? Otherwise there would be billions of vexatious defaults registered.

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