Parking at hospitals

  namtas 14:08 01 Aug 2014

I am pleased to see that the Daily Mail has started a campaign to highlight the extraordinary methods that are being used to levy car parking fines at some hospitals and other establishments.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:50 01 Aug 2014

Last month family spent a fortnight visiting every day at £4 for up to 2 hrs £5 for up to 4 hrs and £6 all day.

10 mins drive to hospital after rush hour (45 mins during), half hour driving round trying to find a space and 10 min walk from car park to ward.

Realised after a few days that quicker, easier, less stress, and cheaper to arrange a drop off / pick up by another family member and to "roster" the visiting.

  bumpkin 19:30 01 Aug 2014

Fruit Bat, agree entirely it is what I plan to do in future. I would not even mind paying if there was a space.

  namtas 23:00 01 Aug 2014

The campaign is not so much about the fact that parking charges are levied but rather the way that fines are being imposed. it is alleged that falsification is taking place with heavy handed tactics to extract the maximum fees. A whistle Blower is alleging that the elderly are being especially target as they are seen as more readily willing to pay the fines. The attendants are on bonuses for 20, 30, 40, or 50 cars a day.

  bumpkin 23:04 01 Aug 2014

Woolwell, that is fine but pointless is there are no spaces.

  bumpkin 23:08 01 Aug 2014

edit pointless if there are no spaces

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