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Parking at hospitals

  namtas 14:08 01 Aug 2014

I am pleased to see that the Daily Mail has started a campaign to highlight the extraordinary methods that are being used to levy car parking fines at some hospitals and other establishments.

  namtas 15:10 01 Aug 2014

No link to the story then

Google "daily mail hospital parking"

  bumpkin 15:48 01 Aug 2014

At my local Hospital they operate this system, you pull up at a barrier and collect a ticket from the machine. It does not tell you or the others behind if the car park is full, if it is then you have to take the ticket to another machine to pay (or not pay if under 20mins) and dont forget there is nowhere to park other than in everyones way. before you can get out again. Marvelous why not a simple in/out counter.

  bumpkin 16:08 01 Aug 2014

People that have an appointment time should really get someone to drop them and collect them, a relative or a taxi. Of course not everyone can afford a taxi but there is in this area excellent public transport to the hospital. Like most people I drive there for the simplest thing like a blood test which is why it's always full. Selfish I know but human nature.

  Pine Man 16:47 01 Aug 2014

I live near a hospital and years ago everybody parked in the grounds to go to work in the nearby city centre. Nobody visiting the hospital during the day could park there.

Hospitals have limited parking capacity and it has to be controlled, which requires enforcement. To carry out enforcement you need staff and to pay the staff you need income. Far better to gain that income from parking charges than from the hospitals own capital that is far, far better used for the hospital and it's patients.

The companies carrying out the enforcement do so under very stringent contracts laid down by the hospitals and it is no good blaming them.

What is needed, maybe, is that if there are truly extenuating circumstances then the hospital can issue a free parking voucher, as they do at my local hospital, or they can deal more sympathetically with appeals that arise.

Parking control, wherever it is applied, brings out the worst in people, both drivers and enforcers, and in my opinion is a thankless, but never the less, necessary evil.

I have no connection with either hospitals or parking enforcement;-)

  bumpkin 17:19 01 Aug 2014

Sexism comes in as well, my daughter who usually takes me is very attractive I am told. "Can I help I'll find you a space luv seen you driving round 3 times" I could drive round a hundred times before anyone helped me. On two occasions she was taken to places where you definatly cant park "Dont worry luv you will be OK here I'll see to it"

  bumpkin 17:53 01 Aug 2014

Another example, her car exhaust fell apart just by an tyre and exhaust depot by pure chance. They welded it back together and when she asked for the bill they said "Give us a tenner next time you are passing by" She paid the guy there and then but I wonder what response I would have got.

  bumpkin 18:14 01 Aug 2014

Free or not if there are no spaces what is one supposed to do. Where I live they park on the yellow lines outside, almost certain to get a ticket but maybe better than missing your appointment.

  bumpkin 18:23 01 Aug 2014

I thought the objective of yellow lines was to stop people parking inappropriately. In this case it has totally failed and is just another cash cow

  bumpkin 18:28 01 Aug 2014

If you choose to park on the yellows then you still have to find a space.

  BT 18:40 01 Aug 2014

Parking at our Hospital is impossible. Fortunately there are a number buses that go there from the city centre. They also run a shuttle bus from the nearest Park & Ride which is free to Bus pass holders and costs £1 return for everyone else. They also have a staff scheme so that they can use the P&R. Unfortunately the P&R finishes at 6pm and doesn't run on weekends, but then its usually possible to find a space.

I realise its not possible for some people use the buses but if more people who can would use them it would ease the parking.

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