Parking at Heathrow

  Monoux 17:34 28 Apr 2006

I've been told about a firm called Purple Parking which you can use to leave your car at/ near Heathrow Airport. It seems to be reasonably priced ( well £102 for 3 weeks if you take your car to their parking area or £142 if they meet you and take the car away and bring it back when you return ) which is well below other prices I've seen. Has anybody used them and if so would you recommend them?

  ade.h 20:12 28 Apr 2006

Hmmm, if you had read an article about airport parking - from a whistleblower - in the Telegraph Motoring supplement you would not want to use them. Of course, this company could well be one of the majority that are genuinely trustworthy, but the stuff in that article would put most people off. He described all sorts of things, from performance cars being "borrowed" to belongings being stolen, and said that such things were not uncommon in the companies that he had worked for. Maybe take a train or something! click here;jsessionid=NYZCYTT0ALV2VQFIQMFCFFOAVCBQYIV0?xml=/motoring/2006/04/08/mfair08.xml

  ade.h 20:13 28 Apr 2006
  VoG II 21:09 28 Apr 2006

You can park in my drive for £20 a week and it will cost you £18 each way for a minicab to Heathrow. Journey time about 20 minutes (not during the Monday morning rush hour!).

  €dstowe 22:17 28 Apr 2006

Cab, door to terminal, £38.

Chauffeured by member of staff, no extra charge over and above their normal salary.

  €dstowe 22:19 28 Apr 2006

Sorry, posted too soon:

My car was once completely emptied of anything that wasn't welded to the chassis in a Heathrow car park.

  Forum Editor 23:06 28 Apr 2006

and have done so for many years. I will only use one off-airport car-park service, which is the Purple Parking meet and greet.

  paddyjack 23:46 28 Apr 2006

Any offers off parking charges around Luton Airport July August, unless my usual carrier has a change of hart and reinstates the route it’s going to drop in July i.e. (Monarch Airlines Manchester to Gibraltar).

  jack 08:35 29 Apr 2006

One way Car rental is a possible secure answer
[not necessarily cheapest but cheaper than parking your own car]
Depends on how near your nearest Hertz/Avis /Eurocar is I guess

  DrScott 09:40 29 Apr 2006

Just the once, and actually thought it was rather good. They do a discount for doctors who read the BMJ, so that was the main initialy incentive.

They are quite cheap, and their service is pretty efficient, even if you don't pay for the meet & greet thing. However, it is a few minutes away from the airport, down a rather narrow road (it must drive the residents mad) and so haven't used them again, preferring the much more expensive on site car park. But if I was going away for a prolonged period of time (longer than a week) I'd happily entrust them with my other half's car ;o) (More seriously, I've recently bought a new car and the thought of parking it in any airport car park for any period of time is just not good for my sleep!)

  Monoux 09:49 29 Apr 2006

Many thanks all for the comments so far. My wife suggested using the Purple Parking because she has found that she can use her Tesco Clubcard points to buy vouchers which mean it actually costs you about 25% of the advertised prices.

It seems FE recommends them as does DrScott so I might go with them.
Will leave this thread open a while longer in case anyone comes up with other ideas

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