Park at your peril - that's the ticket!

  TopCat® 19:13 02 May 2009

I heard on the radio this week about the delivery firm boss who has paid out over £48,000 in parking fines. He has well over a hundred drivers who deliver to London and the suburbs, including many stops in the 'Red Zone'

He went on to say that in many instances the delivery parking areas provided are already fully occupied when his vans arrive and his drivers return to find a ticket on the screen.

Some of the delivery stops are close to each other and the traffic wardens - or whatever they're called these days - follow the van and slap another ticket on it as soon as it stops at the next drop off point.

The frustrated boss employs a solicitor solely to fight these numerous tickets but only tends to get a small discount off the sum to be paid.

There's a conflict of interest in this between, on the one hand the warden doing his job though somewhat too zealously in this instance, and the luckless delivery man trying to do his.

How this firm can continue to absorb this additional cost is baffling, especially as the interviewed boss said it wasn't passed on to his clients. TC.

  bremner 21:16 02 May 2009

No sympathy here.

My journey times through London are always increased by those illegally parking. Their regular excuse being "I have a job to do".

Well surprise surprise so have I and it would be quicker and easier without vehicles illegally parking.

  Kevscar1 06:43 03 May 2009

Sorry don't understand this. By law as a commercially insured light goods vehicle I am entitled to stop in a restricted area for the purpose of loading or unloading.
In 14 1/2 years I have only recieved 1 ticket and that was squashed when I wrote in about it.

  ened 07:11 03 May 2009

I too heard that discussion.

If it is true that the "wardens" are following van-drivers around because they have got to know their route, then they are clearly only doing it to keep their ticket tally up.

I was told by a "Town Manager", last year, that they are not working on commission as that is not allowed. But presumably they are given quantifiable targets and need to explain when they don't reach them.

It is back to the motorist being an easy target for revenue agin.

A more useful target, though less easy to judge individual performances, would be to keep the traffic flow moving. But of course there would be less revenue then.

These van drivers do have a job to do and people like bremner would soon be complaining if he couldn't get his lunchtime sandwich (Just an example) because the shop was unable to get supplies delivered.

The system worked much better, indeed has been working, in places where the traffic warden goes around moving people on, rather than leaping for his ticket book.

  ened 07:17 03 May 2009

Apparently these days there are cameras which photograph you and generate a ticket if you stop at all.

On the same show there was a guy who regularly delivers medical supplies to a hospital. He puklled up at the gate and went in to ask them to open it. He received a ticket to which he appealed and was told his reason/excuse didn't fit the legitimate criteria.

Ironically, if he had stopped in the middle of the road and held up all the traffic whilst they opened the gate he would have been okay.

  Quickbeam 08:26 03 May 2009

"and the traffic wardens - or whatever they're called these days"

I can't remember the last time I saw a real Traffic Warden with the yellow hat band. what we have now are Parking Attendants. But it seems the Plastic Police now also have the powers of the old Traffic Warden ie, the power to stop/control/direct traffic click here

  WhiteTruckMan 10:18 03 May 2009

pure and simple. I dont think anyone is gullible enough in this day and age to believe that wardens are there to help keep traffic flowing smoothly. Whats more, they can be absolutely devastating to local small buisnesses who rely on passing trade for most of their buisness, i.e. fish & chip shops, sandwich shops, newsagents etc.

And yet I have seen them many times out on their scooters or as a bunch in a car, and they think nothing of pulling up on double yellow lines to leap out and ticket others while their own vehicle remains unmolested. Strange, that.

BTW, whats the correct noun for a collection of wardens? A blight, perhaps?


  Quickbeam 10:55 03 May 2009

A 'conspiracy of blighters' is the full term...

  jack 12:16 03 May 2009

Why chase firms that have legitimate reason to be in a certain place - collecting/delivering/servicing
the local industry, that provides the local councils income?

  octal 12:36 03 May 2009

Anyway, they are not called Parking attendants any more, they are called a Civil Enforcement Officer.

  Quickbeam 13:00 03 May 2009

AKA parking ticketeer (rhymes with racketeer).

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