Park on the wrong side of the road?

  Graham. 23:18 23 Mar 2011

For some time now we can park our cars at night on a 30mph road without displaying lights. Part of the deal was we should park on the left so the rear red reflectors would be seen by car headlights.

If your car was damaged by another vehicle whilst parked on the 'wrong' side of the road at night, could your insurance company not pay out because it was facing the wrong way?

  woody 23:45 23 Mar 2011

"Part of the deal " It used to be in the highway code to park on the left for obvious reasons.Why would anyone want to park on the "wrong" side ,at night,apart from being too idle to park correctly?

  Condom 00:44 24 Mar 2011

Well I park on the right hand side of the road as there are no houses on the LHS so It is not because I am lazy. My neighbour and I came to an agreement some time ago that we would both park our cars facing each other so that we are protected from both sides.

  ami 00:55 24 Mar 2011

To park at night without lights on a road with a speed limit of 30 mph or less your vehicle must:
Be a car, a goods vehicle not exceeding 1525 kg unladen weight, an invalid carriage, or a motorcycle or pedal cycle and it must be at least 10 metres (32 feet) away from any junction, close to the kerb and facing in the direction of the traffic flow unless it is in a recognised parking space.
Other vehicles and trailers, and all vehicles with projecting loads, must not be left on a road at night without lights.
Failure to comply is a criminal offence and can lead to prosecution.

  woody 01:10 24 Mar 2011

I just looked up the highway code and it clearly states NOT to park facing the traffic - but i guess the new driver can come to an arrangement with their neighbours to ignore the rules.

As an aside - i had quite a discussion with a parking attendant today (well yesterday) - i like them - no joke i do like them - subject of discussion - i said they do NOT give out enough tickets.

Nice to see i am not the only one that does not sleep.

  Quickbeam 07:59 24 Mar 2011

Parking attendants are only authorised to issue tickets foe parking discrepancies relating to signed parking areas. Parking the wrong way without lights comes under police or the old traffic warden's remit.

Whatever happened to real traffic wardens, remember them? You could at least reason with them (well not all of them), the modern parking attendant is just a revenue collector with targets to meet and will give nothing away.

  al's left peg 09:49 24 Mar 2011

If your car was struck by another vehicle parked in the wrong direction of traffic, don't expect your insurance company to cough up. Indeed expect an "ambulance chasing solicitor" to come a knocking and look to sue you on behalf of their client.

I believe it is also illegal to park within 15yards of a junction.

  peter99co 11:07 24 Mar 2011

We have just had an accident near us where a car whose view was obscured by a badly parked Transit Van nosed slowly out into a cross road and was hit by another van. It came from the blind side of the car.

The van then overturned and slid down the road on its roof. After making sure both drivers where OK the police turned their attention to the Transit Van.

A measure up confirmed it was too near the corner and was parked on a white line which was supposed to be left clear. Guess who will be given a very big bill.

The Transit was also facing oncoming traffic and the time was 8.00 pm. Guilty on two counts.

  Bingalau 12:13 24 Mar 2011

If the police visited my area and enforced the parking rules they would make a killing in fines. nearly every corner has a vehicle parked within a few feet of it. Vehicles are parked opposite each other. others are parked on pavements etc... Some driveways are empty. Need I go on. I know we have had these threads many times, but it is about time the police took action. I have two vehicles which are never left on the roadside, but are in my driveway, if I get a visitor I always get them to move their vehicle on to my driveway too. I reckon I can get five parked in there if necessary, so why can't my neighbours? I feel sorry for the driver of a small bus which runs every hour through the area. People are far too selfish. If it were up to me I would confiscate the offending vehicles until a large fine was paid. Oooh I could tear a tissue!!!

  spuds 17:03 24 Mar 2011

The main problem with this is enforcement, and nobody seems to want to do that nowadays, especially at night when this all to often happens.

I recently posted on the forum about pavement parking and obstruction, and the letter sent by the government minister Norman Baker informing council's that they have powers to take action in prevention and safety for pedestrians. My findings were that most council's will not comply 'due to lack of funding'.

  QuizMan 19:48 24 Mar 2011

What annoys me greatly and I consider to be highly dangerous is stopping on the wrong side of the road with headlights still switched on.

By their very nature, dipped headlights shine across the road into the eyes of any oncoming driver. I have come close to running over a passenger who has just got out and is dilly-dallying getting on to the pavement.

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