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Parents innocent of harming but children adopted

  anskyber 17:08 12 Feb 2009

This is a case where children were taken from their parents because one child had hairline fractures of their legs. Child harm was taken to be the cause click here

Later scrutiny showed that following medical advice the child, which would not take normal milk, was given soya milk. The initial soya milk had supplements ( particularly vitamin C but they were later advised that ordinary soya milk was OK. (without vitamin C)

It is now realised that the child in fact had suffered rickets not harm and hairline fractures is a common outcome of rickets.

The children were adopted before the rickets issue was discovered. The true parents are trying to get their children back but the courts have refused, an adoption is not reversible.

What do you think, is this the right decision for the parents and the children?

  oresome 17:42 12 Feb 2009

I read of this case yesterday. It's hard to imagine what the parents must feel like.

The problem to my mind lies either with the medical experts who put forward opinions as facts, or lay people who treat such opinions as fact. We've seem to have so many cases recently where medical opinion has been found to be wrong.

It's difficult to know the best course of action now. The adopted childrens welfare must come first and without knowing their feelings I cannot judge.

  Forum Editor 19:19 12 Feb 2009

but only in very specific and exceptional circumstances, none of which apply in this case. Therefore I imagine the children will definitely stay with their new parents.

I can only guess at the agonies both sets of parents must be feeling. It's truly a nightmare, made worse because it's very doubtful that anything can be done. Eventually the children will know everything (the eldest is now eight years old), and that isn't going to be easy to cope with. An added complication is that this couple have a fourth child who is living with them.

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