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Pardon my ignorance,

  Macscouse 00:02 11 Feb 2013

as I am no gardener, but today, whilst travelling in the hills behind Nairn, I saw a foxglove in full bloom. It was at the side of a road about 200m above sea level, in a mature woodland area. The temperature in the area has not been above 5C for a long time. Before Grandad asks, No, I hadn't been on the hard stuff. Is it normal for these flowers to bloom so early? PS also saw a beautiful stoat in ermine strolling along a road.

  Forum Editor 01:02 11 Feb 2013

"Is it normal for these flowers to bloom so early?"

It certainly isn't as far as I'm aware. I have foxgloves in the garden, and the earliest I can remember them flowering is around the middle of May.

  Brumas 09:31 11 Feb 2013

Macscouse, ah, you found that plastic foxglove bodyguard, I carefully placed it there last year when I saw them being threatened by a determined wave of bull-rushes ;o}}

  Macscouse 10:31 11 Feb 2013

FM Seems reasonable, the council hedge masher was around there recently, carefully pruning any hedge, branch, fence post, or tree trunk less than 2 feet in circumference. The area always looks like a war zone after their visits.

Brumas, your scientifically reasoned response seems to be slightly awry; it does seem to be some form of bull, but rushes is not the word I would use ;-)

  Brumas 14:01 11 Feb 2013

Macscouse Guilty as charged M'Lud ;o}

  Macscouse 15:22 11 Feb 2013

Bing.alau Only the LHO and the two pink effelumps in the back seats.

  lotvic 17:23 11 Feb 2013

Foxes wearing gloves, stoats wearing fancy Royal fur coats, it'll be the cat among the pigeons next.. this thread is going to the dogs.

  Macscouse 20:39 11 Feb 2013

Bing.alau Finished all your burgers, then?

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