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  morddwyd 11:25 14 Dec 2014

What is it with Parcelforce?

Despite the fact that I live in specially adapted accommodation with a standing request to leave parcels in a designated safe place they refuse to do so, insisting on leaving them somewhere for collection, thereby negating the whole purpose of on-line shopping.

They are the only carriers to do this and I'm sure it's illegal.

  spuds 12:36 09 Jan 2015

A few ParcelForce examples that might be worth a read! click here

  bumpkin 23:11 09 Jan 2015

** It will now be up up Kaliani Lyle, the Scottish Equalities & Human Rights Commissioner, to rule.

This is likely to take some time but I will post her decision.**

That seems a little extreme regarding a misunderstanding over a parcel that was delivered to you anyway albeit thanks to the assistance of your unknown neighbour. The goods were in your "safe place" which I thought was what you required.

  morddwyd 08:46 10 Jan 2015

To quote from their reply

"I am sorry we cannot take your authorisation as the addressee to leave signed for items unattended at your premises if you are not available to receive an item when we attempt delivery."

"Parcelforce Worldwide do not have a regulator and therefore not regulated."

Since I am "not available to receive an item when we attempt delivery." because of disability and no other reason, I feel they are failing to make "reasonable provision" and are disciminating on the grounds of disability. That is for the Commissioner to decide. That's what she's there for.

Similarly their statement that they are not subject to regulation.

I think they are and that is also for the Commissioner to decide.

  Quickbeam 08:50 10 Jan 2015

Never before in the field of parcel delivery services, was a single parcel tracked so diligently.

  spuds 10:49 10 Jan 2015

"Similarly their statement that they are not subject to regulation"

Royal Mail which is part of ParcelForce apparently have a list of publications or codes of practice. Perhaps worth asking them for a copy. Here's a pdf link, there's plenty more leads to follow, with a Google search click here

  morddwyd 04:56 11 Jan 2015

"Never before in the field of parcel delivery services, was a single parcel tracked so diligently."

Actually it's not just a single parcel.

This is a long running saga with Parcelforce, going back over several years. On one occasion I was able to stick my head out of an upstairs window and ask him to leave the parcel, but he refused and took it away.

Usually it goes back to the local post office, whence, after a set period, it is returned to sender, who either gives me a refund or re-sends it using another carrier.

On this occasion I was not given that option, which has finally triggered me to take some action.

Compare this with the behaviour of my normal postie who, on several occasions when I have left stamped mail just inside the front door, ready to pick up when I go out, has picked it up and taken it to the sorting office "to save you having to go out".

  morddwyd 11:30 14 Jan 2015

Final Update

I have now heard back from Parcelforce.

They say they are perfectly willing to leave any parcel at my local post office, rather than leave it at a private address.

Since this is the system which has been in use, quite successfully, for ten/fifteen years I am more than happy to return to the status quo.

This whole saga was only triggered when they left my parcel at an anonymous address, which I needed a sat nav to find, and washed their hands of it.

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