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  morddwyd 11:25 14 Dec 2014

What is it with Parcelforce?

Despite the fact that I live in specially adapted accommodation with a standing request to leave parcels in a designated safe place they refuse to do so, insisting on leaving them somewhere for collection, thereby negating the whole purpose of on-line shopping.

They are the only carriers to do this and I'm sure it's illegal.

  morddwyd 20:16 18 Dec 2014

PS Just for the record, it's only some vests, so my whole life isn't hanging on it, but twenty quid is twenty quid!

  spuds 11:34 19 Dec 2014

A 'Which' article two years ago, about delivery problems click here

  rickf 13:48 19 Dec 2014

I have never had problems with UPS. So far been excellent. Howver, I would fully recommend DPD and Interlink Expressas they provide you with excellent tracking details. Both would eitherv text you or email you to give you an hour window for delivery. Really excellent service. Why can't others follow these fine couriers.

  Pine Man 19:03 19 Dec 2014

It's all very well recommending carriers but morddwyd and every other customer relying on home delivery does not have the luxury of choosing who delivers their goods - it's the retailer.

  Forum Editor 09:39 20 Dec 2014

Pine Man

I couldn't have put it better.

  wee eddie 15:12 20 Dec 2014

Sorry ~ I can't help this!

Maybe you should have invested in a slightly faster delivery method

  spuds 14:46 23 Dec 2014

Perhaps in praise of Screwfix and ParcelForce.

Yesterday at about 11.30am, I received a notification of 'Great Deal Sale' maildrop from Screwfix, and decided to purchase 21 items at about 1.40pm for the grand total of £59.79 including free 'next day delivery'. The Sale deal had some extremely good discounted prices, and checking further, quite a number of items had already sold out.

At about 6pm, Screwfix sent an email that all the goods had been dispatched, with tracking reference. At about 9am this morning, the tracking showed that the goods had been loaded onto the local delivery van at 3.15am, ready for driver collection and delivery. At 1.6pm a ParcelForce sub-contractor arrived with two large boxes, and more to deliver elsewhere, having already made a number of drops beforehand. The usual local ParcelForce delivery driver was also in the area, making deliveries. Checking items, everything intact and duly received.

From placing order to deliver at doorstep was about 24 hours, within a busy Christmas delivery period. So congratulations to both ParcelForce and Screwfix.

  morddwyd 19:19 23 Dec 2014

Had a further update from Parcelforce.

They say I'm mistaken, it's not them but the post office who have failed to deliver, as they would definitely have a tracking number, as they always use them.

I guess I'm going to have to scan and attach the advice card, showing the Pacelforce logo, the address of their local office in Perth, and the blank "Tracking Number" field.

  morddwyd 08:44 25 Dec 2014

That is my normal procedure. I have a dedicated "safe place" for them to use, which they all do, except Parcelforce.

Many of them take a photo to show the package in my "safe place" and/or the displayed standing request to use it.

  spuds 12:50 25 Dec 2014

Like I mentioned earlier, I have had a 'special agreement' with Royal Mail, that's been in place for a number of years, regarding deliveries to 'designated' neighbour's or a 'Safe Place'.

Last year I had a real concern, and had to make a complaint, due to problems regarding deliveries by certain new post-person's (who are not allowed to read instructions posted on doors or inside porches). Due to Royal Mail re-organisation, my complaint started off at Portsmouth (use to be a local sorting office), was re-directed to Glasgow, then escalated to 'higher level complaints' back at Portsmouth.

In the main Royal Mail refused to accept that they provided a 'designated neighbour' scheme, even though their 'When you were out' card stated that they did provide the service. Apparently their 'safe place' facility could have been your wheelie bin, if you suggested that safe place. The onus was on you (the customer or supplier), where your safe place was.

Thankfully since then, Royal Mail have revised the cards to 'Something for you', with the options of "Your item - (1) is waiting at your local delivery office - (2) with your neighbour (address) - (3) please note this was an attempt to redeliver as requested".

I know this as nothing to do with ParcelForce, even though they are under the Royal Mail wings. But again, like I mentioned earlier, ParcelFoece give you the option to leave items at you local Post Office for collection for a fee of £1.00 or redilivery. Yet our ParcelForce driver leaves items for collection from the local Post Office with no fee attached.

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