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  morddwyd 11:25 14 Dec 2014

What is it with Parcelforce?

Despite the fact that I live in specially adapted accommodation with a standing request to leave parcels in a designated safe place they refuse to do so, insisting on leaving them somewhere for collection, thereby negating the whole purpose of on-line shopping.

They are the only carriers to do this and I'm sure it's illegal.

  morddwyd 07:43 17 Dec 2014

I've now heard back from Parcekforce.

They say they cannot (will not?) help without a tracking number, but the parcel doesn't have one. (it's not tracked)

So I now have the situation where my parcel has been delivered to an unknown private address,and Parcelforce have advised me of this, but say that they cannot help.

They;r also declined to give me a final impasse letter so that I can complain to Equalities Commission.

Time I looked up that CEO's e-mail address list I think!


I'm not sure I shouldn't have out this in Consumerwatch.

  BT 08:51 17 Dec 2014

**finding a 'when you were out' card

"because they have an awful lot of deliveries to make that day".**

Its a bit self defeating for the Self employed couriers who work for the likes of Hermes and Yodel if they do this because they often have a phone number to call for re-delivery so they have to come round again to deliver your parcel. I find the Royal Mail and Parcel Force are the worst culprits.

  Quickbeam 10:35 17 Dec 2014

I believe that the self employed couriers only get paid for delivered packages, so they will always try harder before returning a package to the depot.

  spuds 11:10 17 Dec 2014

Like I mentioned earlier, I tend to find that the 'part-timers' who work for Yodel, don't last with the job for very long. We have possibly three Yodel deliveries per month, and on every occasion its a different person delivering. With Yodel, we even had a parcel 'dropped over' the boundary gate on a rainy day. Luckily the parcel was wrapped in one of those waterproof mailer bags, so no real harm done.

  BT 17:58 17 Dec 2014

Received an email from Hermes at 11am today saying they had my parcel from Coopers of Stortford for delivery. The driver turned up at 12 Midday. That's what I call service. Pity they can't all be that efficient.

  morddwyd 19:38 17 Dec 2014

"would have thought your first port of call should now be the supplier of the goods."

Normally yes, but I'm still within the delivery "window" quoted.

All I have officially is that "a" parcel has been delivered somewhere else.

I know which one it is, but I can't officially claim non-delivery for a couple of days!

  lotvic 23:45 17 Dec 2014

morddwyd, I asked on page 1 - why haven't you put the address in Google Maps to see where it is? Don't understand why you've not done that.

  morddwyd 07:36 18 Dec 2014

How is that different from using GPS, which will not only tell me where it is, but how to get there?

  Forum Editor 07:45 18 Dec 2014

"I'm not sure I shouldn't have out this in Consumerwatch."

It might have been better, but your thread has run for a while here, so we'll leave it be.

"Time I looked up that CEO's e-mail address list I think!"

What for? ParcelForce is working for your supplier, not for you, and until it is delivered to the correct address the consignment remains the property of the supplier, who is liable to you for safe delivery. ParcelForce has no liability to you whatsoever. You should be taking this up with the supplier.

The fact of a disability is not in itself an issue here, is it? ParcelForce delivered to the wrong address, and must account to the supplier for it.

  morddwyd 20:11 18 Dec 2014

"The fact of a disability is not in itself an issue here, is it? ParcelForce delivered to the wrong address, and must account to the supplier for it."

Bottom line is, of course, that you are right.

The disability issue is that they have delivered to the wrong address, and advised me in writing of that fact, because I am unable to get downstairs to sign for the parcel, and they are not making "reasonable adjustment" for that, and leaving in my designated safe place.

The secondary issue is that they always refuse to deliver here, but usually take it to a known location for me to pick up (my local post office). When, as is usually the case, I can't the parcel is returned, and When I tell the supplier of the non delivery I get a replacement by another carrier.

As I said earlier, I am still in the delivery window given by the supplier, and the only reason I know it has been delivered, but to somewhere else, is because Parcelforce has told me.

Once the latest delivery date is past, I can, of course, complain of non-delivery.

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