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  morddwyd 11:25 14 Dec 2014

What is it with Parcelforce?

Despite the fact that I live in specially adapted accommodation with a standing request to leave parcels in a designated safe place they refuse to do so, insisting on leaving them somewhere for collection, thereby negating the whole purpose of on-line shopping.

They are the only carriers to do this and I'm sure it's illegal.

  spuds 12:32 14 Dec 2014

"They are the only carriers to do this and I'm sure it's illegal."

Not so sure about that, because the courier problem this Christmas is being noted elsewhere. Even the 'big named' companies have had an increase of complaints and cancellations.

I have an 'agreement' with Royal Mail, which works fairly well, until recently with new post-persons who I not following the agreement that I have. This was even made more difficult by a change of sorting office for my district.

Even Parcelforce are leaving items at a local post office for collection, and the postmaster isn't a happy bunny, because of the space being taken up and the extra administration work, he and his staff are having to do. Wait till next year, when ParcelForce offer a seven day service, which they are proposing!.

Yodel now seem to use more 'part-timers' or people making 'pin-money'. Deliveries from them is based on the person delivering the item. Anything between 7.30am to 9.00pm .

  morddwyd 15:47 14 Dec 2014

My "system" has been in place for about ten tears now, and Parcelforce are the only ones who persistently, and without exception, flatly refuse to leave a parcel without a signature.

I have even stuck my head out of an upstairs window on occasion to tell them I an unable to get down, and someone with access to the "designated safe place" will be along with 30 minutes but they simply will not.

As you say, normally they leave it in the local post office, but on this occasion they have left it at a private address which I do not recognize, and as yet, two trips, cannot find. It is certainly not within my post code, nor even within walking distance.

Once the weather improves (below freezing and blowing a gale at present) I am going to have to get the car out and use the sat nav, a ridiculous situation!

  rickf 15:50 14 Dec 2014

Slightly off subject but use Yoadel and its parent company Hermes at your peril!! Did I have countless problems with them?? YES!!! Threw my parcel over my garden gate, left oarcel in full view fromn the road, delivered to the same no. house in the next road etc., This company should be banned. Was the star of Watchdog recently.

  bumpkin 17:12 14 Dec 2014

rickf, Hermes, a month to deliver a 3kg bag of moss killer.

  lotvic 18:41 14 Dec 2014

morddwyd, why haven't you put the address in Google Maps to see where it is?

  morddwyd 19:41 14 Dec 2014

"Much though I sympathise with the situation, from the 'other' side it could be argued that by leaving a parcel in a non-signature location the delivery driver is running the risk of having no evidence of his delivery - so any 'loss' could be his responsibility."

Appreciate that, but most drivers take a photo of the standing request, and of the parcel in the safe location to cover themselves.

I do most of my shopping on line these days, and get at least two or three parcels a week, sometimes two or three a day, like yesterday, mone of which are signed for. In the last couple of months these have included a 55 in television, a PVR, a Galaxy Note 4 ranging down to some mint sauce, a pack of butter and some second class stamps. (Funnily enough the vast majority are delivered by Hermes, never a problem!). The law requires "reasonable adjustments" for disabled people. Most carriers make them, Parcelforce don't.

  BillSers 00:44 15 Dec 2014

I hope you've got some lamb chops to go with the mint sauce. And at least your butter won't melt in the freeze ;0)

  Forum Editor 07:58 15 Dec 2014

ParcelForce has a clearly stated rule that no parcel will be left without a signature. The rule applies to the UK as well as the company's worldwide service.

It is perfectly legal, and is designed to ensure that the track and trace system works efficiently - no signature means no delivery. Remember that a parcel does not belong to you until it is signed for - ParcelForce is working for the supplier up to that point, not for you.

  morddwyd 08:13 15 Dec 2014

"It is perfectly legal, and is designed to ensure that the track and trace system works efficiently - no signature means no delivery."

Appreciate that too, FE, but if someone is unable to give a signature because of disability, that is disability discrimination, and I don't think that is allowed anymore.

  BT 08:35 15 Dec 2014

ParcelForce has a clearly stated rule that no parcel will be left without a signature

When I lived in a block of flats (60 flats) in London we had a situation when the Parcel Force driver was just leaving parcels in the Common Entrance Hall. A number of parcels went missing and sometimes they would have been opened. After complaining a number of times to the 0800 number on the vans I was given the number of the manager of the delivery depot, and complained directly to him. The driver was eventually caught out and sacked.

More recently here in Norwich I had a card sent to me in the post saying that as a parcel they had was still waiting for collection after the time limit, it would be returned to the sender. I hadn't had any card through the door so didn't know they had it. When I phoned them they told me the driver couldn't find my address!! My house has been there for 50 years the street name sign is directly outside and my house number is about 5" high on the wall. I suggested that perhaps they should give the drivers an A to Z.

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