Paralympics and Drugs

  Bing.alau 20:05 29 Aug 2012

Just got to wondering if the athletes taking part in the paralympic games, are treated the same as the ones in the Olympic Games? Surely a lot of them are on drugs as a matter of course. Some would probably be in pain if they didn't take drugs for instance.

  Forum Editor 20:22 29 Aug 2012

Paralympic athletes are subject to the same list of banned substances as Olympic athletes. Anyone who requires additional medication for pain or treatment must apply for an exemption.

It's a common misconception that lots of paralympians are routinely prescribed drugs - they're not, although some of them with spinal injuries do need pain relief.

  Bing.alau 20:54 29 Aug 2012

One of the things that got me thinking about it is the pain in my back right at this minute. There's no way I could do anything other than the 100 meter stumble. Mind you if I were younger and with the proper medication, I would have a go too..... I wish them the very best of luck.

  Forum Editor 21:53 29 Aug 2012

Imagine yourself hardly being able to see anything but vague colours and shapes on the edges of your field of vision.

Now imagine yourself running a 200 or 100 metre race with no chance of seeing the other runners or the track itself, or knowing when the finish line is coming up. That would be the challenge facing Libby Clegg, who will compete for us in the paralympics.

Amazingly,Libby manages to do it with the help of her guide runner, a man called Mikail Huggins, who runs alongside, his hand attached to Libby's via a length of plastic tube. He 'calls' the race to her, telling her when to accelerate, or change direction slightly. He does all this wile keeping pace with her, matching his stride to hers in perfect harmony.

Between them they won a silver medal at last year's world championships and two gold medals at this year's European championships.

It's the stuff that films are made of, it will be quite something to see them run in the paralympics.

  Joseph Kerr 11:45 31 Aug 2012

I'd certainly imagine more paralympians than olympians will be taking something (prescribed), being paraplegic myself and having spent some time in the world of disabled sport.

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