Paralympic Closing Ceremony

  Quickbeam 23:04 09 Sep 2012

WOW! hat was surreal fantasy show, but I thought it was better than the Olympic one. Not sure what it was all about, but it right was up my street.

And I always thought that the Sydney Millennium fireworks show would never be beaten, but this one at least matched it.

  Belatucadrus 23:21 09 Sep 2012

I think sticking with one band rather than trying to cater to everybody was the right approach and I don't even like Coldplay. Weird and wonderful.

Without being too gung ho I think one of the stars of the event was the British public who turned out in their thousands and showed a level of enthusiasm never seen before in parasport they lifted the whole event to new heights, can Rio match it we'll see.

I think however the ball is now with the TV companies, Channel 4 have discovered an audience, they need to keep up the coverage. If we don't see anything more for the next four years then much of the legacy talk will be reduced to hot air.

  Quickbeam 23:30 09 Sep 2012

Even the Brazilians did a better taster than they did for the Olympics, there was much more samba & carnival atmosphere about it.

  Bing.alau 09:40 10 Sep 2012

I'm really looking forward to the Olympics and the Paralympics in Rio. I think the Brazilians will put on a really good show, lots of oomph and samba's. I also think that it will be successful financially because the organisers these days seem to be getting their respective acts together. They will have taken notice of what went well in London and what didn't go so well. Some things they will improve on of course, but no way will they improve on the great British public supporters.

Whether our sportspeople do as well in Rio is another matter, but does it matter?

If they make a profit. Maybe some of it will go towards the areas of Rio etc., which are not so well off.

Anybody got a spare ticket to the opening ceremony to sell?

  chub_tor 09:52 10 Sep 2012

The Coldplay concert left me cold and after an hour of the repetitive tuneless music I switched off, I guess I could have turned the sound off and watched the action.. Much preferred the Olympics ceremonies at least there was some variety in the music.

  Joseph Kerr 14:26 10 Sep 2012

"but I was disappointed by the coverage of the cycling at Brands Hatch and the marathons."

Me too, if I haven't already said.

  canarieslover 14:48 10 Sep 2012

"but I was disappointed by the coverage of the cycling at Brands Hatch and the marathons" So was I, but when you see how few competitors were in each race it was perhaps understandable that they weren't seen as 'must show' events. Maybe more combining of categories might result in a bigger field in the cycling but the marathons were not inundated in entries in the categories that were allowed to run or the wheelchairs. It puzzled me that Richard Whitehead was not given a chance to run the marathon and to get into the Paralympics he had to drop right down to the sprints.

  Joseph Kerr 15:48 10 Sep 2012

There was a reasonable field of wheelchair racers, and we had Shelly Woods and David Weir in it.

  Bing.alau 17:10 10 Sep 2012

It's very quiet on here so I think everybody must have been watching the Olympic/Paralympic Parade in London. I watched and thought it was very good, unless you were wanting to get somewhere else in the city at the same time.

So. Now that it is all done and dusted. What is the general opinion of it all. I think it has been a triumph in all aspects. Mind you I hate to think whet the outcome would have been if the weather hadn't also been organised by Lord Coe and Boris Johnston. They managed to co-incide that with everything else. Brilliant. What further award can we give Lord Coe? Can we make Boris a Lord too?

Then of course there is the even bigger conundrum of who to award the Sports Person of the year. I think they should skip it this year.

I feel for the athletes and Para-athletes who took part in the games but got no medals. How gut wrenching it must be to have just missed a medal by a fraction of a second or came fourth. But then again maybe that will prove the incentive to keep going and like that fella up in Scotland who watched the spider keep trying again and again. (or was it the one who burnt the cakes?). Perhaps they will get a better result in Rio?

  john bunyan 17:26 10 Sep 2012


I agree with you. I actually watched more of the para than the actual Olympics - their performance was humbling and awe inspiring. The organisation was excellent, as was the security (which did concern me earlier). The whole event(s) were a triumph. If I were to criticise anything it was that I thought the pop music was a bit boring (Coldplay), but that is a minor point. The volunteers were brilliant, as were the service personnel who came in at the last minute.

I admit I was originally a doubter, but the Games were, hopefully an indication of how we can do big things in our country.Also, the fact that political parties worked together so well should make them think how to do it more often on things like new airports, road schemes, even pension policy and eduction that are likely to span more than one change of Government.

  Quickbeam 17:58 10 Sep 2012

I also think it has been a triumph in all aspects.

"who to award the Sports Person of the year" A shared Team GB & Team Paralympic joint winner seems to only fair option to me. How can you pick any one person from this summer of 2012 sport?

"I admit I was originally a doubter" I must admit I didn't have the faith to start with, and started watching whilst suffering from a severe case of POWS (Post Olympic Withdrawal Syndrome). It cured that admirably, only now I have an equally server case of PPWS (Post Paralympic Withdrawal Syndrome). I'm not sure how to cure that before the Six Nations competition next spring...

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