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The Paradise Papers - that was quite an opener!

  Al94 19:03 05 Nov 2017

Panorama This should be an interesting week. Corruption right to the highest echelons of society although the scale might be mind blowing.

  Aitchbee 20:18 05 Nov 2017

Heads will roll!

  bumpkin 21:50 05 Nov 2017

Heads will roll!

I very much doubt it, possibly one or two scapegosts to appease us plebs.

  bumpkin 21:52 05 Nov 2017

edit. scapegosts=scapegoats

  LastChip 01:47 06 Nov 2017

If you have plenty of money, you can pay to have it protected - it's that simple and has been for as long as I can remember. It's only working folk that pay their way, the rest get away with everything they legally can. PAYE is a way the government can control (and tax) everything you earn. But the rich don't earn anything, they (or more correctly, their companies) make profits that are squirrelled away to be drawn on out of the reach of the tax man.

Heads won't roll provided no one has broken the law. And you'll find all those in those positions will have been very well advised and I suspect, walk away unharmed.

Is it morally right? No; but I suspect it won't change in my lifetime.

  Forum Editor 06:37 06 Nov 2017


"It's only working folk that pay their way, the rest get away with everything they legally can."

And if you were wealthy, I expect you would do exactly the same thing.

"But the rich don't earn anything,..."

What a ludicrous, prejudiced statement. I know wealthy people who have worked extremely hard to get where they are, and continue to do so. Hundreds of people rely on them for employment.

A healthy society needs all kinds of people if it is to function properly.

  Quickbeam 08:15 06 Nov 2017

BBC Breakfast estimated that the tax avoided legally in this way is between £80-180 billion PA.

  rickf 08:45 06 Nov 2017

"And if you were wealthy, I expect you would do exactly the same thing".

Really? That's a sweeping statement. Maybe this is what's wrong when attitude like this is hailed as perfectly ordinary.

  geoff96 09:32 06 Nov 2017

"But the rich don't earn anything,..."

That has been taken out of context. Some ( rich ) will pay very little in income tax while the vast profits of the company will be shipped overseas and pay minimal tax.

The millions on PAYE have no choice but to pay all their tax.

  geoff96 09:35 06 Nov 2017

On a lighter note.

As HM the queens investments include shares in Bright House. The weekly hp/to buy store that charged massive interest rates.

Will the customers be able to place plaques " by royal appointment " over their doors?

  morddwyd 09:40 06 Nov 2017

So far as I am aware nothing illegal has been uncovered, so what's the problem apart from the incompetence of governments in allowing it and the usual communist claptrap about taxing the rich to give to the poor?

And are we all sure that none of our pension funds are in offshore accounts?

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