Paperless Society - or not!

  Pine Man 15:36 05 Oct 2014

With the new NS&I site, every time you buy new Premium Bonds or reinvest winnings you are sent a Premium Bonds Record through the post which shows an up to date list of all your bonds including the ones you have recently purchased or that resulted from reinvestment.

I tend to have at least one or two lots of winning bonds every month and therefore get an updated Premium Bond Record through the post every month. So I went on line and registered for the paperless option assuming that, instead of having a paper copy through the post, I could download a copy from their site for my records.

This month I had three winning bonds so went on line to download my updated Premium Bonds record. I couldn't find it anywhere so emailed NS&I and received a very quick response, which is excellent service but the content surprised me.

There is NO facility to download a copy of the Premium Bond Record UNLESS you have a paper copy sent to you through the post. Then you will find a copy for downloading on their site!

  spuds 16:12 05 Oct 2014

I have had £100.00 worth since the original time Premium Bonds were introduced. I know some people who have had wins, including some rather good ones. But alas, I have never achieved any of those heights on the winners rostrum.

But going back to the intro, I suppose this is done for surety more than anything else.

  bumpkin 16:26 05 Oct 2014

Pine Man, I get the paper statements and prefer that, data can vanish inexplicably, a printed version is a backup should anything go horribly wrong which we know it can.

  BT 07:54 06 Oct 2014

I've had Premium Bonds for many years and get small wins most months but I've never had anything other than the cheque through the post, certainly not a monthly list of my holdings. I didn't know such a thing even existed.

  BT 08:12 06 Oct 2014


I have had £100.00 worth since the original time Premium Bonds were introduced.

Don't give up! I've got Bonds dating back to 1961, bought as single £1 ones in those days, and until last year they had never won anything until a single bond bought in July 1962 came up with a £25 win. Having said that I get virtually all my 'wins' from Bonds bought in larger blocks since 2008. I put all the Bonds into an Excel Spreadsheet and enter all the winning amounts and do the calculations. Over the last 5 years I've had a fairly consistent return of just over 2% tax free, much better than most saving accounts can offer at the moment.

  Quickbeam 08:14 06 Oct 2014

I have about a dozen 10 Bob bonds from the late '50s & early '60s that came as birthday gifts from a maiden aunt. Surely it must be my turn to win!

  Pine Man 08:20 06 Oct 2014


Unfortunately they don't. I have suggested to them that it should be included as a future feature but have not had a response.


This is a fairly new innovation. You still get an email when you win and a cheque for your winnings BUT if you reinvest your winnings or buy new bonds you always get a Premium Bonds Record showing you updated holding.

  BT 08:48 06 Oct 2014

Pine Man

"You still get an email when you win.."

I don't, just a cheque in the post, nothing else.

  Pine Man 11:36 06 Oct 2014


Presumably because of options you have selected, or that is the default setting on the new website, BUT who the hell cares as long as you keep winning:-)

  bumpkin 12:05 06 Oct 2014

I think you only get a statement if you win that month and have chosen the re-invest option. If you get a cheque there is no need for a statement.

  BT 12:17 06 Oct 2014


That makes sense I suppose. I already had the maximum till they upped it recently so reinvesting wasn't an option at he time.

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