Paper free bank statements

  Quickbeam 08:56 10 Mar 2009

About 2 years ago I registered with The Halifax for 'paper free' statements... things green an' a' that.

Anyway, as I need a copy for tax records, I just printed the odd one off to complete accounts, it's a little used account. So I'm getting ready for tax year end, printing off a statement, and I find they've redesigned the template that now requires a minimum of 2 pages!

So now I'll cancel the paper free documents, how much did they pay a no-brainer to come up with that idea...?

  jack 10:05 10 Mar 2009

Paper Free
They were on Stone, Clay Tablets, Parchment/Vellum
Then we have paper- .
The paper free element should read
'Our paper and postage free'
use your own. ;-}

  Quickbeam 11:17 10 Mar 2009

'Our paper and postage free'
use your own. ;-}

True, but if they want me to endear the green option, they should also reduce any unnecessary use of paper by myself. Two full pages of are now used to give me less than an inch of required statement data.

  canarieslover 11:51 10 Mar 2009

Despite selecting the 'paper free' option I still get frequent communication through the post for insurance and other services.

  jack 12:17 10 Mar 2009

When printing- click on Print Preview and select only the page[s] relevant to print

  Quickbeam 12:22 10 Mar 2009

Accountants like everything in their hands to look at.

Why would you redesign something to be harder than the existing single command print option?

  jack 13:38 10 Mar 2009

info on the 1st page and the 2nd sheet is irrelevant dross.
So edit out the dross

  Quickbeam 13:52 10 Mar 2009

But the point is, why should I? I didn't have to before, so why redesign without thinking? They push something as a good green thing, and then the person that's promoted to a new position in that department has to meddle to justify their presence.

I'll tick as resolved as it isn't really worth as much discussion as tinned tomatoes;)

  Ex plorer 14:40 10 Mar 2009

I went green over two years ago and now I get a four page reason as to why my overdraught has been continued, the first time in 2008 and I was charged £25 for the continuation.
In 2009 no charge I have had the same account for over 30 years. I have second overdraft account so in all 8 pages as to why the overdraught will be continued. Why this is not sent to my messages within my account I do not know.
I am not in business.

  babybell 15:13 10 Mar 2009 sometimes you need that bit of paper. I went paperless about a year ago with both bank accounts but when I applied for my first Mortgage a few weeks ago, I was asked to produce to bank statements (they had to be original, not print-offs) so as a result I then had to request statements from the bank which was time consuming and annoying.

  ronalddonald 22:42 10 Mar 2009

suppose you could emails a copy to the tax man, if hes happy withit

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